Young Alumna Honored for Work in Honduras Amber Foster

Ann White (04)

In a recent Vision story about OC alumni ministering in Honduras, Amber Foster (04) said, “I can imagine being hungry. I can imagine being thirsty. I can even imagine being on drugs. But I cannot imagine having no one who cares about you. There aren’t many things I do well, but I care about people.”

Her clarity of mission and focused, compelling love are two big reasons why Amber has been named OC’s Young Alumna of the Year.

When we last told you about Amber’s work in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, it was in the context of political chaos and upheaval last fall. 

Now that has passed, the government is stable again, and the Breaking Chains ministry to Tegucigalpa’s homeless is growing spiritually and numerically. 

In the past year, Breaking Chains acquired a building that has greatly expanded the number of services available through the ministry. The attendance for a new, weekly church service numbers between 40 and 60 people each week.

“The best part is how excited they are to step up and lead in the services,” Amber said. “We invite them to pray aloud for the group each time, and when they do, it is encouraging to see them grow closer to the Lord and our community.”

The venue is more than a church building. It recently began to host an after-school program for homeless children, and serves as a vocational school and store to sell crafts participants learn to make. They hope it will soon become a halfway house for single moms living on the streets with their children. 

In addition to helping Honduras’ homeless, Amber has made an impact on countless students and visitors who come to work with her on spring break and summer campaigns. Amber estimates that she hosted about 500 campaigners this summer. 

Amber believes in the power of short-term mission work because of the impact it made in her own life. 

During the spring break of her freshman year, Amber went to Honduras with a group led by Dr. Dudley Chancey. She knew then that her life was changed. 

She credits Chancey for exemplifying “service regardless of the sacrifice” and credits Dr. Bailey McBride for teaching her “what it means to love completely.”

Amber’s ministry is a labor of love. She encourages other young alumni and students thinking about mission work to try it out for a month or two and see how it goes. 

“If people are willing to be changed when they come, then it’s an invaluable experience,” she said.

Fall 2010

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