Today We Thrive

Only four months young and Thrive’s a hit. 

Why? Two major reasons: (1) we’re focusing on very concrete, momentum-building projects that will impact our students immediately; and (2) we’re going bold on our philosophy toward transparent communication. We’ve committed to giving you an up-to-the-minute, “tell all” peek behind the campaign curtain. 

If you visit today, you’ll discover that a lot has happened since June 1. Our generous OC family has fully funded five projects. The entire first year of Ethos has also been covered in cash; and we’re more than two-thirds of the way toward our $3 million goal for the Cafeteria Reboot! As of September 2014, 933 people have committed 6.6 million dollars toward Thrive … and we’re just getting started.

Video highlights from the Cail Auditorium dedication ceremony

OC Debuts Cail Auditorium 

OC honored a living legend by renaming the Davisson American Heritage Auditorium as Cail Auditorium.

James Cail (58) taught psychology at OC for 31 years, entertaining and enriching students with his wit and wisdom. The ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrated the completion of a $500,000 renovation of the 45-year-old auditorium through OC’s Thrive campaign. 

“I hereby repent of every cynical thing I ever said about naming stuff after people,” Cail said to a chorus of laughter from the friends, family and supporters in attendance. “OC has done a lot for me and is doing a lot for me now. I’m grateful for what it did for me by way of my discipline, letting me practice something I love. And lovely, lovely, lovely friends – just the greatest bunch of people that you could ever imagine.”

European Upgrade

You won’t find Das Millicanhaus on OC’s campus map. And that’s because our newest residential facility sits some 5,350 miles east of campus in Vienna, Austria.

Hundreds of students, employees, alumni, and friends travel to Vienna for OC’s renowned European Studies program and more. 

Formerly Hotel Deutschmeister, Das Millicanhaus was dedicated in 2012 in honor of OC heroes Don and Donna Millican for their outpouring of passion, wisdom, and love on OC and our students.

The fully-funded $350,000 remodel of Das Millicanhaus started in earnest over the summer, with more renovations to come.

Engineered Growth

Benton and Paula Baugh of Houston pledged a $1 million gift to serve as startup capital for OC’s reorganized College of Engineering and Computer Science.

“Our society desperately needs talented, Christian engineers, mathematicians and computer scientists as leaders for tomorrow,” said Dr. Byron Newberry, dean of OC’s College of Engineering and Computer Science. “The generosity of the Baugh family will help grow OC’s influence in these fields.”

Benton Baugh is an energy engineer and inventor with 50 years of experience in oilfield and sub-sea systems. He holds more than 100 patents and founded Radoil, Inc. He has donated patents to OC’s ABET-accredited undergraduate programs in computer, electrical, and mechanical engineering so faculty and students could develop new solutions to practical problems.

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