Thrive: The Complete Campaign 3 Years. $30 million. 30+ fast-impact projects.

Will Blanchard

Thrive is a different breed.

Most campaigns are long-term, high-dollar, endowment-heavy engagement efforts – managed in secret for years until the timing is right to announce momentum to the public. This has been the accepted model for decades.

But higher education is rapidly changing, and so are the needs and desires of our OC family. We need to be more agile than ever before, ready to thoughtfully and swiftly act based on new market realities and student needs. And as our Eagles ask for regular, transparent information on what OC is doing and why, the stage has been set for a whole new breed of campaign.

Thrive is fast. Thrive is honest. Thrive is immediately impactful.

The Thrive campaign started both publicly and privately on June 1, 2014, with no silent phase. Our goal: to raise $30 million to achieve 30 or more near-term, high-impact, strategically-relevant projects by May 31, 2017 … and to take you with us every step of the way.

Every effort on the Year One menu (and beyond) is: 

Student-Focused – Building projects and programs will quickly and directly impact the living/learning experience and spiritual environment at OC.

Fast-Paced – Startup capital efforts will launch rapidly and at levels of funding that would be delayed or unachievable in a slow-growth endowment model.

Momentum-Building – Market-driven projects will generate revenue, leading to greater sustainability and a snowball of success.

Openly-Communicated – Progress on a project-by-project basis will be made public almost daily; the ins and outs of OC fundraising (both the numbers side and human side) will be laid bare.

Thrive is the “complete” package.

We call Thrive the “Complete Campaign” as a play on the typical “comprehensive campaign” language. The tagline has a dual meaning: (1) Thrive is campus-wide and comprehensive in its strategic focus; and (2) Thrive is all about getting things done. 

Right now, on the Thrive website and on many project banners across campus, we are monitoring our “in progress” efforts. We plan to mark each and every one “complete.”

This is our new operational standard. We hope you like it.

Fall 2014

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