The Search for Oklahoma Christian University's 6th President

By Dawn Shelton (90)

Stephens is one of the alumni serving on the committee tasked with accepting nominations and interviewing candidates who seek to be OC’s sixth president.

The committee was formed earlier this year following Dr. Mike O’Neal’s announcement he would retire in 2012 after 10 years as OC’s president.

“Our committee includes four members from the Board of Trustees, three also happen to be OC alumni. One representative selected by the OC staff also is a proud OC graduate. The three faculty representatives were selected by the Faculty Association, and one is an alumnus. Your alumni representative, Eugene Howland (90), was selected from the National Alumni Council. We also have a current student on the search committee,” Stephens said.

She said the committee put a great deal of thought into the presidential profile (available at She encourages all alumni to read it to get the full scope of the type of leader the committee seeks.

“Many of us will be sending children or grandchildren to OC, and we want our university to continue to be a place where students want to come and have the opportunity to excel in their chosen fields,” Stephens said.

The committee officially began accepting nominations in July and will do so through September. 

After an interview process, the committee intends to present its top choices to the board late in 2011. The Board of Trustees will offer the position to its top candidate, perhaps by the end of the year, so the new president can come as early in 2012 as possible.

“We are looking for a leader who has a vision for a stronger university financially, spiritually and academically,” Stephens said. “We pray to find a leader not only with the vision, but with the courage, persistence and patience to turn that dream into reality.” 

Fall 2011

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