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OC is Home

1. President John deSteiguer with Morgan and Meredith Burdett.

2. Ken Murrell (92), Tina (Wiggins 83) McCormack, Kelli (Davis 89) Mitchell, Carl
Bishop (83) and Mollie (Davis 86) Sparks hypnotized at the 80s Barn Bash.

3. Katelyn Jackson and Kendall Mayes were elected Homecoming Queen and King.

4. Dr. Bob Carpenter, Connie (Hanks 90) Cave, Taylor Cave (89) and President
John deSteiguer after Taylor was ahonored at the College of Biblical Studies’
distinguished alumnus for Missions.

5. Lauren, Carl (85), Heather (Weber 85), Lane and LaVon (Dennis 12) Wheeler sing
the national anthem at the Homecoming basketball games

6. Alfred Branch (84), Dr. Jeff McCormack (83), Cindy (Hassmann 85) Young, and
Dee (Crowley 85) Dobson at the Homecoming basketball games.

Lighting Highlights

7. “Santa” Mickey Banister (69) and President John deSteiguer
watch the fireworks show at the end of Lighting of the

8. Nathan (06) and Anna (Markle 07) McBroom with their daughter

9. Marlyne Umuhoza, Alix Kylie Mugisha, Anne Ingabire Kivuye,
Anitha Ingabe, Michelle Umurungi, and Aimee Pascale Dushime.

Spring Sing

10. Chi Lambda Phi won first place for the 11th time in the
last 13 years with its “Back to the Future” show.

11. The women of Gamma Rho show off many of their
“Spring Sing faces” in their second-place “Candy Land”

12. Brandi Williams delivered a power-packed rendition of
“Say A Little Prayer for You.”

13. The men of Kappa Sigma Tau captured third place with  their “Frankenstein and the Monster” show.

OC Grows

14. Steve Gault, Jessica (Hauf 10) Ruckman, Curtis Janz (86),  John deSteiguer, Teagan Lawson, Kelly Lawson, Sammi  Lawson, Ricky Lawson, Aidan Lawson, Tom Heath (71), Dillon  Ripley (06), Sarah (Peoples 14) Endres, Jay Jones (74) at the  ribbon-cutting for Tom Heath Field.

15. Students get ready to start the inaugural Glow Run.

16. Don Millican, John deSteiguer, Jill (Johnson) Brown, Terry  Johnson (64), Marty (Mitchell 71) Johnson, Royce Clark  (90), Jennifer (Johnson 90) Clark and Bill Goad (79) at the  ribbon-cutting for Benson Hall.

17. OC students with Dr. Terrence Roberts.

18. OC Rwandan students with General Romeo Dallaire  and President John deSteiguer.

Distinguished Guests

19. At “History Speaks: Little Rock Nine,” Carlotta Walls  LaNier talks as Gary Jones (06) and Dr. Terrence  Roberts look on.

20. Peggy West (Missy’s mom), Mia Robertson, and  Missy Robertson sing during She Speaks.

21. N. T. Wright signs a book for an OC student.

22. A capacity crowd of almost 2,700 people packed the  Payne Athletic Center to hear N. T. Wright.

23. N. T. Wright during the academic panel discussion.

24. N. T. Wright at an academic panel discussion  featuring fellow scholars Richard Hays, Jerry Sumney  and James Thompson.

Summer 2014

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