Photo Features

1. Hundreds of OC students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends 
participated in various Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon 
events as part of Team OC.

2. Team OC’s neon yellow singlets were easy to spot among 
the thousands of runners on the Oklahoma City Memorial 
Marathon course.

3. Christian Hall of Fame group Acappella, including OC alumni 
Anthony Lancaster (14, middle) and Wes McKinzie (98, in 
vest), sang the National Anthem at “OC Night with the Texas 

4. Picnic dinner on the concourse for attendees at “OC Night 
with the Texas Rangers.”

Earn Your Wings 2014

5. Earn Your Wings is an annual rite of passage for incoming 
OC students the week before the fall semester begins. 
Kite Day brings students from Stanley Hupfeld Academy 
at Western Village to the OC campus for a special time of 
fun, food, and fellowship. 

6. Hupfeld Academy students perform for OC students 
on the Hardeman Auditorium stage.

7. OC student Yang Lu with a Hupfeld Academy student 
during the picnic lunch.

8. Freshman Allee Pipes with a student from Hupfeld 

9. Let’s go fly a kite!

10. OC students arrive at Dry Gulch.

11. Sean Bolin, Jake Whiteley, and Tevin Cleveland ham it 
up during karaoke.

First Week Follies

12. OC students, faculty, and staff packed into the Eagles’ Nest for Chapel 
and Convocation during the first week of the fall semester.

13. New Reign, OC’s student acappella group, led worship at OC’s Friday 
Night in the Outfield Ethos event.

14. Heath Jones (94), Don Drew (79), John Hermes (93), and John Fletcher 
(82) dazzled the First Week Follies audience with their Dixieland medley.

15. Bob Lashley (74), Gena (Shoemake 01) Alexander, Lucas Ross (03), Andy 
Lashley (00), Greg Hewitt (77), and Matt McCook (not pictured) made a 
special appearance as “The Beagles.”

16. John Maple (72), Connie (Hukle 95) Maple, Stafford North, and Julie 
(North 81) Anderson provided comic relief with “I’m My Own Grandpa.”

17. Bob Rowley (70) and Kent Allen (79) reprised the classic Carnac routine 
at First Week Follies.
18. President John deSteiguer and Neil Arter (90) brought their trademark 
wit and deprecating humor to their First Week Follies host roles.

First Ladies Tea

19. Students Kristin Wheeler, Adrianna Welch, Ashton 
Vanlandingham, and Michelle Umurungi with Darla 

20. Karen (Taylor 63) Harmon, Gladys Burcham, Lottie 
McCormack, Marilyn (McIntyre 92) Hankins, Joyce 
McBride, Joanne North, Darla deSteiguer, and Mary Jo 

Asociates Gala

21. OC student panel: Zekariah McNeal, Abbie (Kritz) Coplin, and Nathan Jia.

22. OC alumni panel: Caleb Griffin (11), Lynneth (Miller 13) Stingley, and Andee (Wayne 14) Gower. 

23. President deSteiguer with the “tallest president on campus,” Student 
Government Association president Zekariah McNeal.

24. President deSteiguer with this year’s Lee Allan Smith Spirit of Oklahoma 
Award recipients, University of Oklahoma women’s basketball coaches 
Sherri (Buben 87) Coale and Jan Ross (86).

Fall 2014

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