Photo Features

Chorale Reunion

1. Chorale students and alumni from multiple decades
practice in preparation for the big reunion concert.

2. Chorale alumni from the 1970s.

3. Current students Jessica Gaines, Jamie Prindle and

Moriah Willing sing for the Chorale alumni.

Committed to Fitness, Community 

4. John deSteiguer, Kinney Bryant (76), Greg Wedel, Valari (Boker 82) Wedel, 

5. Mike O’Neal, Judy Boker, Sue Wedel, Mack Wedel, and Neil Arter (90) at
the groundbreaking for the Eagle Trail.

Associates Dinner

6. Lee Allan Smith at the OC Associates

7.Oklahoma lieutenant governor Todd Lamb
led the Pledge of Allegiance.

8. Former Oklahoma governor and first lady
Frank and Cathy Keating were two of the
recipients of OC’s Lee Allan Smith Spirit
of Oklahoma Award.

9. John deSteiguer and Mike O’Neal with
Karen (Taylor 63) and Bob Harmon (64).

10. deSteiguer and O’Neal with Allen (92) and  Karen Goode (92).

11. deSteiguer and O’Neal with Norma and  Jim Freeman.

12. Former Oklahoma governors and first  ladies Brad and Kim Henry and George  and Donna Nigh (joined on stage by John  deSteiguer) also won the Lee Allan Smith  Spirit of Oklahoma Award.

13. Kevin Kopac and Dr. Eric Phelps (99).

14. OC admissions counselor Daniel Roberts (09) speaks to the  Honors Summer Academy students.

Honors Summer Academy

15. Emily Brooks, Mckinsey Smith, Morgan Brown and Dr. Peter  Patton.

Global Reunion

16. The Global Reunion participants gather for a group photo  in OC’s University House residence hall.

17. Somare Peyton (Philippines), Anna Hoehn (Australia),  Zekariah McNeal (Germany) and Sophia Jenkins (Rwanda,  Uganda).

18. Beatriz Stanley (Brazil), Tyler Stanley (married to a TCK),  Carley Cave (Brazil) and Natalie Nalley (Brazil).

19. Ruth Jenkins (Rwanda), Naomi Perkins (Chile), Caroline  Hancock (Japan), Erika Reagan (Philippines), Sarah Cariaga  (Philippines) and Beatriz Stanley (Brazil).

Fall 2012

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