Out of This World

Astronaut Doug Wheelock gave OC students a truly out-of-this-world encounter during one of the university’s daily Chapel services in October. Col. Wheelock spoke live via video feed from the International Space Station, where he is serving as the commander of its six-person crew.

“As you’re preparing for your goals and dreams and your profession, really capitalize on the value of what you have there at Oklahoma Christian,” Wheelock said during his talk. “The environment that you’re studying in is controlled, but it’s real life, too. You’re going to begin to face problems that you’ll need to solve individually, working together in small teams in group projects, and then working together with faculty and staff reaching outside the borders of the campus there, working in your community, and beginning to understand that the impact of what you’re learning there at that university is going to pay dividends years down the road.”

Wheelock, who spoke in person at the 2010 Associates Dinner and visited classes on campus last March, encouraged students during to set firm goals and discover what God has in store for them.

“When you seek and pursue those goals and dreams for your life, and something that you thoroughly enjoy, you’re going to be very good at it, you’re going to excel and you’re going to be at the top of your game with those gifts that God has given you and the purpose that He has in your life,” Wheelock said.


Spring 2011

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