Oklahoma Christian College of Business Administration accounts for excellence

Many dream of creating their own business, inventing a world-changing product, or leading an organization to success, but ambitious goals like these require more than dreams.

While dreams come easily, other factors of success like hard work, ingenuity, and enthusiasm need to be learned, practiced, and polished to meet professional goals.

Students who have a passion for business and finance can fine-tune their values in Oklahoma Christian’s College of Business Administration.

The nationally-accredited college is a natural fit for those with an entrepreneurial spirit and a mind for industry. At OC, it’s possible to pursue an education in business and finance in an environment that strengthens your ability to serve God.

Getting down to business

“I wanted to attend a Christian university, and I have found every aspect of the College of Business Administration at OC to be a blessing to my spiritual walk.” Kristen Wheeler, senior

The College of Business Administration consists of the Department of Accounting and Finance and the Department of Management and Marketing. Both departments offer an array of specific majors, including degrees in accounting, finance, general business, and international business.

Common core business classes include Accounting, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, Strategic Management, Contemporary Business Ethics, and International Business.

“Our professors exemplify Christ in their actions and fulfill our academic and professional needs,” said Kristen Wheeler, a senior finance and accounting double-major. “They are great resources for local businesses, and students constantly get emails about job openings and local business activities. They host company visits and on-campus interviews, generously giving up their evenings to ensure our professional success.”

Freshmen have the opportunity to live in the college’s Living Learning Community, a student housing option for students of the same major to live in the same facility. This allows students to naturally form study groups and close-knit bonds with classmates.

“Ultimately we’re trying to provide a nurturing atmosphere that develops professionals,” said Dr. Jeff Simmons, dean of the College of Business Administration.

Graduates of the college take this background of support and education with them into the real world. Some have gone on to create their own businesses, while others work for major national organizations and accounting firms.

It’s also common for students to continue directly into graduate studies, like MBA programs and law school.

Activities, clubs, and honor societies

The College of Business Administration provides more than traditional classes to keep students busy and engaged with the curriculum.

“The nice thing about being in the business college is that students don’t have a typical day. There are a lot of different opportunities and activities for them to take advantage of,” Simmons said.

One of the most community-focused activities offered by the college is the summer Business Bootcamp, a program that draws in incoming freshmen and transfer students to the business school. At the introductory camp, students bond quickly as they develop business concepts and compete in groups.

While the environment of the camp is competitive, it’s still fun and supportive. Students get an interactive, hands-on glimpse of what the college’s curriculum will be like.

At the end of the camp, students get to live the entrepreneurial experience by participating in Eagle’s Prey, the college’s take on the popular Shark Tank program.

While Mark Cuban doesn’t make an appearance, students do present pitches for their groups’ proposed business. The Eagles – usually an assortment of the college’s faculty – judge the presentations and make bids to invest the envisioned business, albeit for lower stakes than their television counterparts.

Additionally, the college has several active departmental clubs. The Accounting Club is popular, and the group meets several times each semester to hosts guest speakers and provide student leadership opportunities.

OC also hosts a nationally-recognized chapter of the American Marketing Association. By being a member in the collegiate chapter, students gain access to networking events, resources for sharpening professional skills, and leadership opportunities. Upperclassmen representing the top 20 percent of their class can join the OC chapter of Delta Mu Delta, an international business honor society.

Internship opportunities

Through careful preparation and dedication, the college fosters students to grow in their professional skills and confidence. This sense of assurance and the strong education base sets OC students and alumni apart from their professional peers, particularly when it comes earning internships.

OC’s College of Business Administration understands that well-regarded internship programs provide hands-on, real world experience. OC has well-established relationships with in-state and out-of-state businesses.

The College of Business Administration uses these ties to place students in internships relevant to accounting, finance, and marketing; OC students have interned with businesses like Ernst & Young, Devon Energy, Grant Thornton, and the Economic Development Authority.

MBA program

In addition to OC’s strong undergraduate options to pursue a business education, the university has a rigorous, nationally-recognized MBA program. Graduates can pursue a master’s degree in business administration or accounting at OC.

Both the MBA and Master of Accountancy programs foster a sense of professional growth and leadership by encouraging participants to sharpen their own understanding of business management, ethics, and practices.

While the college is proud of the professional accomplishments of its students and faculty, it’s the focus and reiteration of faith that sets apart OC programs and department from its peers.

“As a Christian, it is important to integrate my faith and service to God into all aspects of my life, including my college education,” Wheeler said. “I believe that first I am a Christian; second, I am a businesswoman. I don’t think being a Christian can be independent from the rest of my life. I wanted to attend a Christian university, and I have found every aspect of the College of Business Administration at OC to be a blessing to my spiritual walk.”

To find out more about the College of Business Administration, its degree plans, or OC’s graduate business programs, request more information here or contact gsb@oc.edu.