OC Receives $200,000 NEH Grant

Oklahoma Christian received a $200,000 National Endowment for the Humanities grant in December.

“Being selected for such a competitive financial award is not only an acknowledgement of the quality inspired by Bailey and Joyce McBride, but also a signal that alumni and community partners invest in the McBride Center,” said Dr. Scott LaMascus (84), McBride Center director. “Christian faith has a lot to say about human experience and our guest speakers have proven that the resulting dialogues can be civil, intellectual, meaningful and bridge-building.”

Noting that NEH gives virtually all its money in challenges, OC senior vice president for advancement John deSteiguer said the university will seek others who share the McBrides’ commitment to excellence in the humanities.

 “This NEH challenge grant is a huge victory for Oklahoma Christian,” deSteiguer said. “The size of the grant, larger than some states’ total grants, speaks to the high quality of our humanities programs here at OC and the noteworthy track record of nationally prominent guest speakers brought to our campus.”

Spring 2012

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