OC Promotes Affordability On the Horizon

Oklahoma Christian University will eliminate all student fees and will not raise students’ total costs for tuition, room and board for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Oklahoma Christian also will expand its block pricing to 17 hours per semester (up from 15).

Tuition for students taking 12 to 17 hours will be $18,800 per year. Total costs, including room and board, will be $24,975, far below the national private-school average of $38,589. 

“We’ve shown our commitment to affordability over the last decade by keeping our price below the rate of inflation at both public and private schools,” OC president-elect John deSteiguer said. “Strong enrollments and wise financial management have fortified us in this turbulent economy, allowing us to take more steps to benefit students and their families.”

OC’s new pricing increases the opportunity for students and families to shape their costs with technology, housing and meal plan choices that best fit their budgets and needs. 

Options include the ability to upgrade the standard 11-inch MacBook Air that all fulltime undergraduate students receive as part of their tuition costs. In addition to their meal plan, students can purchase “Eagle Bucks” for tax-free use at Alfredo’s, Chick-Fil-A, Jimmy John’s and the OC Grill.

OC’s 17-hour block pricing is aimed at helping students graduate in four years while controlling the costs associated with extra credit hours or extra years in school. 

The elimination of fees simplifies the college search and decision-making process for student families, allowing them to better assess OC’s value in comparison to colleges and universities that charge course fees and other large fees on top of their tuition “sticker price.”  

In addition to its pricing policy, Oklahoma Christian will continue to promote affordability through student financial services. Ninety-five percent of OC students receive financial aid. This includes the Presidential Academic Success Scholarship, which rewards academic achievement tied to student performance on ACT and SAT exams, plus scholarships for National Merit Scholars. 

Oklahoma Christian currently has 30 National Merit Finalists enrolled, including 11 in the most recent freshman class. Overall, the last five years have featured the five largest enrollments in OC history, including 2,193 students in 2011-2012.

Spring 2012

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