OC Maintains Affordability with 2014-15 Pricing

After keeping undergraduate prices flat for three years, Oklahoma Christian announced a small increase for 2014-15. 

OC’s cost of attendance will move to $25,790 per year (including tuition, room and board), a 3.26 percent increase over 2011-12, the last time Oklahoma Christian raised prices. 

OC’s approach contrasts with the nationwide trend; according to the College Board, the average cost of attendance at private colleges rose 7.9 percent during OC’s multi-year price freeze, including an increase of almost 4 percent this year. Total charges at private schools averaged $40,917 this year while public schools cost an average of $31,701 for out-of-state students. 

“Our commitment to affordability makes OC a tremendous value for students seeking premier academic programs in a supportive Christian environment,” President John deSteiguer said. “We’re dedicated to holding prices down, even as we’re faced with higher operating expenses. We know students and families will appreciate that OC is bucking the trend of the large price increases seen at many colleges nationwide.” 

Oklahoma Christian is continuing its policy of not charging undergraduate student fees. This allows students and families to better compare OC with schools that charge numerous fees on top of their tuition “sticker price.” 

On the graduate level, OC’s tuition will remain flat for all students in the Graduate School of Theology ($400 per credit hour) and Graduate School of Engineering ($495/hour), and for returning students in the Graduate School of Business ($470/ hour). New graduate business students who enroll this fall will pay $484 per credit hour. 

Complete pricing information is available at oc.edu/costs. 

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