OC Hosts Global Reunion

Kent (77) and Nancy (Price 77) Hartman welcomed missionary and military families to Oklahoma Christian for Global Reunion 2014.

The camp has doubled in size in the last two years, with 150 participants from 43 countries on campus this July. The camp is for children aged 13 and older known as Third Culture Kids, though parents can attend sessions as well. 

As directors, the Hartmans give tools and resources to families that have lived outside the United States and are seeking to reenter U.S. culture. The Hartmans spent more than 10 years as missionaries in Australia and were surprised by the challenges of reintegrating their family into America.

“TCKs have both the culture of their parents, the culture of the country they have grown up in, and they develop from these a third culture which is uniquely their own,” Nancy said. “TCKs have American parents, look and sound like Americans, and are expected to know and understand an American culture that is foreign to them.”

Global Reunion is co-hosted by InterMission, co-founded by the Hartmans and Memorial Road Church of Christ. Volunteers from local churches provide meals for the campers. 

OC alumni and students who taught or helped at this year’s Global Reunion include Mark (75) and Jill (Drummond 75) Brazle, Lyle Campbell (85), Peter Cariaga (09), Mark Hancock (83), Rachel (Helton 11) Hart, Dale (74) and Sheila (Dodgen 74) Hartman, Becky (Alley 75) Holton, Alex and Michelli Keith, Susanna (Holton 09) Kidwell, Mel Latorre, Jr. (98), Jessica (Parker) McNeal, Ted Norton (84), Debbie (Kelly 73) Powell, Karen (Kamanda 76) Plumlee, Amanda Roehrkasse (13), and Bob Wheeler (80).

“Global Reunion has put OC on the map in missionary and military circles around the world,” Kent said. “We are often referred to in those circles as ‘the university that cares about missionary and military families’ and the place to send TCKs when they reach university age.”

More information about Global Reunion can be found at www.oc.edu/tck. 


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