OC Hosts Best-Selling 'Unchristian' Author

Gabe Lyons, who co-wrote the best-seller unChristian: What a New Generation Really Thinks About Christianity and Why It Matters led off OC’s 2012 Intergenerational Faith Center Dialogues.

Lyons and Barna Group president David Kinnaman, who spoke at last year’s IFC Dialogues, wrote unChristian based on original research that revealed the pervasiveness of pop culture’s negative perceptions of Christians.

Lyons’ followup book, The Next Christians: The Good News About the End of Christian America, explored how the next generation of Christians can engage with a postmodern, pluralistic, post-Christian culture.

The Intergenerational Faith Center, established last year at Oklahoma Christian, assists and equips families and faith-based institutions in spiritual formation. The IFC provides strategies and advises ministers, church leaders and other groups in developing intergenerational programming and practices. 

Spring 2013

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