OC Helps Lower Women's Incarceration Rate

OC played a leading role in a new Oklahoma law aimed at reducing the number of women incarcerated in the state.

Oklahoma leads the nation in the number of women sent to prison, with levels reaching almost twice the national average.

The “Women’s Incarceration Summit,” hosted by OC’s Academy of Leadership & Liberty last year, helped start the conversation that led to the new law. In partnership with the George Kaiser Family Foundation and Don and Donna Millican, this meeting was the first of OC’s Complex Dialogues series.

The law will save the state an estimated $5 million and lead to alternatives for people otherwise headed for prison.

“Oklahoma Christian works faithfully to achieve its mission of transforming lives for faith, scholarship and service,” OC president Mike O’Neal said. “It requires routinely challenging ourselves and our students. This challenge was the inspiration behind that first Complex Dialogues summit.”

Fall 2011

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