OC Again Listed Among Top Game Design Schools

SuccessfulStudent.org ranked Oklahoma Christian 21st in the nation on its new list of Best Video Game Colleges. 

OC is the only school from Oklahoma and one of just three universities from the southwestern United States to be honored. 

In OC’s gaming and animation program, students learn 30 software programs, study the history of film, video, and animation, and develop their own games in studio classes. 

Factors in the rankings include well roundedness of academics, cost, career prospects, technological instruction, graduates’ success rates, and schools’ location in relation to entertainment epicenters.

“We’ve worked really hard to have an outstanding program so I’m glad OC has been picked up on the radar again as a quality education in the gaming and animation industry,” Professor for Art and Design Jeff Price said. “The thought of coming to a Christian university that teaches game development really attracts a lot of awesome students.”

Summer 2015

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