O'Neal Leads Mercy, Rotary Trip to Rwanda

OC president emeritus Mike O’Neal helped lead a recent survey trip to Rwanda with leaders from Oklahoma City’s Mercy Hospital and Rotary Club 29.

During the 10-day trip, the group assessed medical needs at four hospitals in Kigali and evaluated how Mercy can partner with health professionals to improve healthcare for the people of Rwanda. O’Neal chairs Mercy Hospital’s Board of Trustees.

The visit also featured the dedication of water wells drilled by OC’s Rwandans4Water students and funded by Rotary Club 29, which is partnering with Rwanda’s six Rotary Clubs for a future humanitarian project. 

“The most inspirational part of our trip was traveling into the poorest and driest parts of Rwanda to see where our Rwandans4Water students were drilling water wells,” O’Neal said. “I am proud of the work our Rwandan Presidential Scholars are doing to bless their fellow citizens.”

This trip gave O’Neal the opportunity to visit with current students and graduates from OC’s Rwandan Presidential Scholars Program and with 30 students who are pursuing their MBA degree through OC’s Learning Support Center in Kigali.

Four OC alumni connected with Mercy Hospital also were on the trip: Dr. Adam Cotton; Cindy Carmichael, vice president for strategic development; Reagan Hightower (11), registered nurse; and Rwandan John Nkuranga (10), senior financial analyst for Mercy Health Plans.

Fall 2013

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