North's Hire Boosts OC's CS Program

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David North brings four decades of experience and expertise to his new roles as OC’s director of computer science advancement and associate professor of computer science.

The 1979 OC graduate has held vice president roles with MBO Partners, Netplex and Applied Intelligence Group. He was MBO’s chief operating officer prior to returning to OC.

David has been a chief technology officer, project manager, system architect and computer systems consultant. He has managed hundreds of software development projects and been involved in the startup of several businesses. He is a noted early adopter and innovator in the areas of software engineering, object-oriented development, and Internet application development.

OC’s computer science degree produces graduates that are in demand as the technologists of the future. David North
At Oklahoma Christian, David is working to enhance the undergraduate curriculum and add a master’s degree in computer science to the university’s graduate offerings.

OC’s undergraduate program, featuring degree tracks in Computer Science, Computer Science with Business, and Computer Science with Gaming and Animation, will prepare students for careers in a wide range of organizations. The program provides a foundational knowledge of computer science principles and concepts, plus courses that focus on software engineering and web, security, and mobile technologies. Students’ real-world practice opportunities also will grow.

“OC has had a strong computer science program for many years. Our graduates have been very successful in getting great jobs with excellent employers,” David said. “But these changes will strengthen our degree with a focus on new, popular technologies. That’s going to benefit our students as they prepare for successful computer science careers.”

Computer science is one of the most lucrative and fastest-growing job fields. CNN, Money Magazine, and U.S. News and World Report list multiple computer science professions – including computer systems analysis, database development, information security analysis, software architecture, software development, and video game design – among the nation’s top 10 jobs in salary and availability.

“OC’s computer science degree produces graduates that are in demand as the technologists of the future,” David said. “With their foundation in computer science principles, concepts, and current technologies, OC graduates can quickly contribute to a company’s operations.”

In addition to the rigorous curriculum, OC students will benefit from mentoring relationships with instructors like David and other expert alumni who are leaders in various fields. 

Recent OC graduates have computing jobs at NASA, ESPN, the FBI and a host of other companies and organizations. Alumnus Richard Lawson (66), a member of OC’s Board of Trustees, founded Lawson Software and built it into a $2 billion business with offices in the United States, Europe and Asia. 

David’s accomplished career actually began when he created technology solutions for Oklahoma Christian as an undergraduate student. He went on to lead the team of computer experts that developed innovative exhibits at OC’s Enterprise Square in the 1980s. 

He currently directs the Capitol Hill ministry at Memorial Road Church of Christ, where he serves as a deacon. He and his wife Beverly (Hobson 79) have three children and five grandchildren. 

David’s father, Stafford North, is a member of the Oklahoma Higher Education Hall of Fame and is retiring this spring after 61 years at Oklahoma Christian.

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