New Team Leads OC's Church Relations Efforts

A three-person team composed of Vice President for Alumni Relations Kent Allen (79), Distinguished Professor of Bible Dr. Stafford North and Senior Advancement Officer Bob Rowley (70) will oversee OC’s church relations efforts.

These men will work in collaboration with Dr. Alan Martin, Dean of the College of Biblical Studies, to oversee OC’s present church relations activities and pursue new initiatives. 

“I am very pleased that we have on the OC staff these three men who have such long-term ties with and deep love for the churches of Christ,” OC president Dr. Mike O’Neal said. “All of them are already involved with our church relations work and will continue with what they have been doing along with giving leadership to our program to connect with and serve churches.”

Allen, Rowley and North will oversee the OC lectureship, now called Quest, and will plan the monthly luncheons for preachers held on the OC campus. 

They will maintain contact with preachers and churches, and will seek to increase the number of preachers on the OC staff who will fill pulpits throughout the area. 

Their work also will include continuing the evangelism seminars OC has conducted in Oklahoma and in surrounding states, and starting a new series of seminars to help small-town congregations become more effective. 

They will continue OC’s “Good News” newsletter, the “Man of God” newsletter for prospective preachers, and the OC church relations website (

Spring 2011

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