NAC Spotlight A Closer Look at National Alumni Council Members


HOMETOWN: Valley Center, Kansas



FONDEST MEMORY: My first overseas mission trip. I traveled with OC students to Moshi, Tanzania, for five weeks doing Let’s Start Talking. I found my passion for serving overseas on that trip.

WILDEST DREAMS: Running a clinic in an underdeveloped country with no worries for supplies or budget.

ALARM CLOCK: 12:30 PM ... one of the few perks of working the evening shift!

FAVORITE BIBLE VERSE: John 16:33: “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

PROUDEST MOMENT: Watching and listening to my mom speak at functions.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Having to work every other Sunday as a requirement for my job.

INDULGENCE: Chocolate covered strawberries and Ella Fitzgerald.

INSPIRATION: Those who face adversity and are not discouraged ... they change their weaknesses to strengths.

MY LIFE: I try using the talents God has blessed me with to bless others in any way I am able. I am so thankful for an amazing support system in my friends and family!

MY SCHOOL: The friendships I made at OC forever changed and shaped my life for the better. God has opened so many doors for me and many of those doors were opened by being an OC alum. The OC community never fails to make me feel like I’ve never left campus ... the spirit of OC is contagious!


HOMETOWN: Lyons, Kansas

CURRENT HOME: Tulsa, Oklahoma

CURRENT JOB: Ophthalmologist, Dad, Husband, Snark Provider (Facebook and Sunday Bible Class)

CHILDHOOD AMBITION: To fill out a bio listicle for a small Midwestern college. (I did it, honey!)

FONDEST MEMORY: Watching Stafford North scowl while Kevin Bryan and I gave Chapel announcements, then later demand reassurance from Dean Mock that we were under control. (My fondest non-OC memory was asking actor Ned Beatty if he knew where the restroom was).

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Calibrating the proper ratio between chips and salsa so neither is left over. Other than that, life is good.

INDULGENCE: I love brie. There’s so much brie in my system that it’s tilted me politically leftward; so I’ve started eating just enough Slim Jims to keep me moderate.

FAVORITE BIBLE VERSES: Proverbs 26:4a: “Do not answer a fool according to his folly” and Proverbs 26:5a: “Answer a fool according to his folly.” These verses, side by side, tell me two things: 1) God has given me wisdom and discernment, and expects me to use it; and 2) Solomon could have done standup comedy.

WHAT I WOULD TELL MYSELF THE DAY I WALKED INTO OC: You’re going to do fine. You’re going to find a beautiful, smart wife; you’ll have amazing kids, a great job, a wonderful church home, and enough money to buy any video game system you want, SO QUIT GRIPING ABOUT THE CAFETERIA FOOD! Never again in your life will you be able to eat Cap’n Crunch for dinner with 20 of your best friends. Also, when you’re a junior, you’ll be on a first date with a girl, slam your finger in your car door, and rip off your pinky fingernail. Try to avoid this if you can.

Summer 2015

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