NAC Spotlight A Closer Look at National Alumni Council Members


Current Job: Manager of Charge Services for Nebraska Methodist Health System

Hometown: Omaha, NE

Childhood Ambition: To be a doctor

Fondest Memory: Thinking of our daughters as infants and little girls

Wildest Dream: Climbing Mount Everest 

Alarm Clock: HATE IT!!!

Favorite OC Bible Class: “Acts” taught by Raymond Kelcy

Proudest Moment: The graduation days of our two daughters and one son-in-law from OC 

Biggest Challenge: Accepting life after the death of my parents – I don’t want to be “the next generation” :)

Perfect Day: Rick and I on an airplane away from phones and computers!

Indulgence: Too many slices of pizza

Inspiration: My LIFElong friends – Joy McMillon and Iris Smith Welch

My Life: Has been blessed beyond what words could describe

My School: OC brought me to my husband, to my career and to lifelong friends, plus a wonderful education. What more could I glean?

Name: Chris Adair (01)

Current Job: Senior claims adjuster for Allstate Insurance

Hometown: Edmond, OK

Childhood Ambition: Pro baseball player

Fondest Memory: Waking up to cool mountain air through my bedroom window and the sound of Mom playing her piano

Wildest Dream: Multiple generations of Adairs being influenced by OC

Alarm Clock: 6:00 am

Favorite OC Bible Class: “History of the Christian Church” taught by Clyde Antwine

Proudest Moment: Every day with my wife and twins

Biggest Challenge: Embracing change

Perfect Day: No schedule; just friends and family

Indulgence: Books

Inspiration: A life well-lived, a race well-run, a fight well-fought, and a spot at the finish line

My Life: A series of well-timed collisions with the right people and the right ideas

My School: OC became my family and influence 700 miles from home. Attending OC is the best decision I ever made. NEVER underestimate the power of surrounding yourself with the right people.

Summer 2010

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