NAC Spotlight


Tipton Burch (82)

Hometown: Wewoka, Oklahoma

Current Job: Head of Credit Approval - Oklahoma Market for JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. Childhood Ambition: To be either a banker or a trash man. It looked like a lot of fun to ride all over town on the back of a truck! My grandfather and father were both bankers and a career in banking was my ultimate choice.

Wildest Dream: To be an astronaut, travel to the moon and fly the space shuttle. Proudest Moment: I actually have four proudest moments, which consist of being able to baptize each of my four boys. My triplet boys were all baptized on the same Sunday. There is nothing that makes me more proud than seeing my boys grow and develop in their walk with God. Biggest Challenge: Becoming manager of a department that I had never worked in at the bank. The president of the bank saw something in me that I did not see in myself at the time.

It turned out to be one of the best growing and learning experiences in my career.

My Life: I am a third generation banker and I have been very blessed throughout life. God blessed me with two wonderful parents, a Christian wife and four healthy boys that are all heading the right direction in their walk with God. I have been happily married for 28 years to Robin (Hawkins 84) Burch. I have been with JP Morgan Chase Bank for 25 years. God has always had a better plan for my life than I have had on my own.

My School: I obtained my degree in Business Administration at OC and an MBA in finance from the University of Central Oklahoma. My years at OC were not only four of the best years of my life; it was truly a life-changing event for me. I came to OC as a third-generation Christian, but severely lacking in Christian maturity. OC provided an environment where it was much easier to make good decisions, and my spiritual maturity grew immensely during my time at OC. I am not sure I would be a member of the church today were it not for attending OC.

My time at OC helped me recognize the wisdom of my parents and the priceless value of obtaining a Christian education.

Neal Hunter

Hometown: Lancaster/Dallas, Texas Childhood Ambition: In seventh grade, Mike and I decided we were going to do standup. FONDEST MEMORY : Marrying my best friend and loving wife, Melanie, 22 years ago. Wildest DreamS: Seeing my daughters with faithful families of their own and having Melanie grow old with me. Priceless! Alarm Clock: A timekeeping device corrupted by noise. Fa vorite OC Bible Class: I have two favorites ... “Acts” with Avon Malone and “Hermeneutics” with Raymond Kelcy. Proudest Moment: Baptizing my daughters, Elisabeth and Meredith, and walking Elisabeth down the aisle in her wedding September 1. Being a part of their Christian walk as they have grown into beautiful young ladies has been an incredible blessing for Melanie and me. Biggest Challenge: Myself.Indulgence: Watching football … Dallas Christian Chargers, Texas A&M and Dallas Cowboys Inspiration: Hugo McCord, who retired just before I came to OC. I learned from him during his lectureship classes and his Open Forum with Raymond Kelcy. He was a brilliant, calm, gentle, loving man who shared the Word by speaking in truth and love (Ephesians 4:15).

My Life: Has been wonderfully blessed with the people God has put in my path.

My School: OC gave me not only a great education, but relationships that will last an eternity.

That’s why I want to share OC with every high school student who will listen. OC will always be home.

Fall 2012

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