NAC Spotlight

NAME: Keith Hall (’82)

Hometown: Albuquerque, NM

Current Job: Director of Identity Management at ConocoPhillips Inc. I lead a group that is responsible for information technology access and security.

Childhood Ambition: President of the United States.

Fondest Memory: The years that I worked and lived in Norway. My daughter was born there, and we had some great vacations in and around Norway.

Wildest Dream: Nothing too far out of reach, to do the best I can at all I do, and enjoy the many blessings that come from God.

Alarm Clock: 4:45 am; mornings are when good things happen.

Favorite OC Bible Class: Dr. Jones’ Isaiah class.

Proudest Moment: When my son graduated from OC.

Biggest Challenge: Balancing work, home and church.

Indulgence: Jared’s “Triple Berry Zinger” frozen custard

Inspiration: My father-in-law Dwayne Hollis, who has shared with me a love for studying the scriptures and growing in the wisdom of our Lord.

My Life: Wonderfully blessed!

My School: OC’s people are critical to the university’s success. There were so many professors and staff members that made a difference in my education, setting me up for a successful career and life. I’ve made lifelong friendships through OC. Christian men and women that are committed to education and biblical principles are what make OC stand out.



Hometown: Duncan, Oklahoma

Current Job: Psychologist and Administrative Director at at North Texas Pain Recovery Center.

Childhood Ambition: To become a minister.

Fondest Memory: Going on vacations with my mother and brother to the Texas coast.

Alarm Clock: My iPhone.

Favorite OC Bible Class: I enjoyed several classes taught by Dr. Raymond Kelcy.

Proudest Moments: The birth of my two children and my granddaughter.

Biggest Challenge: Managing a medical rehabilitation clinic in a manner that patients’ needs are met and the clinic stays financially viable in the midst of changing government regulations and managed care.

Perfect Day: At my ranch hunting with my family.

Indulgence: Dallas Cowboy and Texas Longhorn football, Dallas Maverick basketball, and Italian sports cars.

Inspiration: My mother. She was widowed at a young age and raised my brother and me by herself. Through her teaching and example, she instilled in us the importance of faith in and dependence on God.

Fall 2011

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