NAC Spotlight A Closer Look At National Alumni Council Members

  • Donna Sue Arnold (77)
Donna Sue Arnold (77)


HOMETOWN: McAlester, Oklahoma, and La Habra, California 

CURRENT JOB: Ministry and Charity Volunteer 

CHILDHOOD AMBITION: An author of Nancy Drew-type mystery books. 

FONDEST MEMORY: Anything with my daughter Amanda ... shopping, family vacations, talking, watching movies, laughing, even fighting! 

WILDEST DREAMS: A month-long antique junking trip through the northeast corner of the country. 

ALARM CLOCK: Only on Sundays - 7:00 am OR for last-minute bidding on eBay auctions! 

FAVORITE BIBLE VERSE: Romans 8:28, inherited from my dad, and because I have witnessed how even tragedy shapes us and honors God. 

PROUDEST MOMENTS: Our commitment to God and our church family, Amanda’s baptism, and her choice and marriage to a Christian husband. 

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Saying “No” and reserving time for myself. 

INDULGENCE: Always Chocolate, and Disney as often as possible. 

INSPIRATION: Queen Esther and my parents. 

MY LIFE: God has blessed me in so many ways. I want to live my life with gratitude, and serve and bless others. 

MY SCHOOL: OC gave me (and my siblings) lifelong friends and family – my husband Mike and many close friends who are still in my life regularly. It’s always special to bump into alumni or students who shared my life on campus, or who have their own memories to share of life at OC. I’m so thankful to my parents for giving me the gift of OC! 

  • Andy-Lashley (00)
Andy-Lashley (00)


HOMETOWN: Edmond, Oklahoma 

CURRENT JOB: Involvement and Communications Minister at Memorial Road Church of Christ 

CHILDHOOD AMBITION: To play for the New York Yankees. 

FONDEST MEMORY: Proposing to my wife (given that she accepted). 

WILDEST DREAMS: To play for the New York Yankees. Just waiting for the call. 

ALARM CLOCK: 7:00 am 

FAVORITE BIBLE VERSE: Philippians 2:3-11 

PROUDEST MOMENT: Receiving compliments about the character of my kids. 

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Avoiding complacent consumerism in church, culture, personal growth, etc. 

INDULGENCE: Watching a game or movie on the couch with late-night junk food. Yes, please. 

INSPIRATION: My wife Summer (brownie points accumulating rapidly!) 

MY LIFE: To reflect more consistently the truth that serving God and others is joyful, not drudgery. 

MY SCHOOL: OC has, in many ways, shaped my family. My parents met there; I met my wife there; and my faith, my knowledge, my cultural awareness, and my confidence all owe debts to Oklahoma Christian. In my case, it’s no exaggeration to say that I can’t quite imagine my life without it. 

Summer 2014

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