Moving ahead of her class Twelve-year-old enrolled in college courses

Grace Hong has never been on a date or behind the wheel of a car.

But the Edmond 12-year-old is already taking college courses at Oklahoma Christian. 

After Grace scored a 27 on the ACT without preparation at age 10, her parents determined she should begin auditing college courses.

Grace completed an online course with the University of Missouri, then the Hongs contacted Cami Agan, OC professor and chair of the Department of Language and Literature, to see if Grace could audit other courses.

She enrolled in two classes, Perspectives in Literature and Research and Presentation.

"Going in, I was extremely nervous. Especially since everyone was taller than me," Grace said. "That experience totally changed me and I realized there was a higher education that opens so many doors."

OC president Dr. Mike O'Neal called Grace an extraordinary young lady.

"I am so glad that OC's caring faculty has been a part of her growth, maturity and education," he said.

Grace is taking a U.S. History course for credit and auditing an English survey class this fall. In homeschool, she is studying biology and Chinese while her nine-year-old brother is working on high school physics. For fun, Grace participates in sport fencing and plays chess.

"She is happier going to college because she finds a group there that meets her passion and intellectual needs as well," her mother, Connie, said. 

By John A. Williams
Courtesy of the Oklahoman