Meet the Antwines Couple shares their love for OC with others

Bill and Sue Antwine are the personification of the OC mission. 

They met and married as a result of their time at Central Christian College, as Oklahoma Christian University was known before the school's relocation to Oklahoma City. Bill and Sue have been intimately involved with the university from its beginning. 

Bill recalls with a smile the first time he saw Sue. She was a senior in high school and visiting her sister at Central Christian College. It wasn't until the following academic year that Bill and Sue would actually meet as classmates in David Howten's Introduction to Business class. 

Bill speaks warmly of Sunday car rides with Harold Fletcher, OC's first full-time faculty member. Bill would tag along with Dr. Fletcher from Bartlesville to Shidler, Oklahoma, where Dr. Fletcher would preach, and Bill would spend the day with his older brother. Sue says her choice of a Christian college wasn't really a choice at all.

"Somewhere along the line, Daddy became acquainted with Central Christian and that's simply where we went," Sue said.

Sue's father, Royce Mires, had a tremendous impact on Sue, her sisters, and Bill as well. So much so that the sisters, as co-trustees of a charitable remainder trust established by their father Royce, established the Royce and Mary Mires Memorial Scholarship Endowment at Oklahoma Christian University. 

Mr. Mires' impact on Christian education will be felt on this campus for generations to come. Bill and Sue are very proud of this fact and have followed Mr. Mires' example once again by establishing the Bill and Sue Antwine Scholarship Endowment for Nursing. 

Oklahoma Christian is indebted to Mr. and Mrs. Mires, and so many others like them, who have imbedded a love for Christian education in the lives of their children. 

After meeting and marrying as a result of their time at Central Christian, Bill and Sue sent all four of their children to OC as students: Susan Ball, Kerry Antwine, Myra Stanhope and Cynthia Kay. In addition, many of the Antwine's grandchildren have attended Oklahoma Christian. 

When you speak with Bill and Sue, it doesn't take long to figure out just how proud of their family they truly are. 

One of their greatest pleasures is spending time with their children and grandchildren each summer during family vacation. Family is of the highest importance to Bill and Sue.

Once you understand how precious family is to Bill and Sue, you understand why Oklahoma Christian is so deeply honored to recognize Bill and Sue Antwine for their love and support of this great university.

Through their estate plan, Bill and Sue have provided for OC and a ministry of their local church, as if the university were one of their children.

"Bill and Sue are the epitome of loyal alumni," OC president Mike O'Neal said. "They are the perfect picture of OC's mission accomplished. As students themselves, then parents of students, grandparents of students, and now estate benefactors, their impact on OC's past, present and future will be felt until the Lord returns. OC is deeply honored to be included in such a wonderful way in the Antwine's estate plan."

"It is humbling for those of us who carry out this mission to know men and women like Bill and Sue Antwine," Director of Planned Giving Stephen Eck said. "When people think so much of a work that they provide for it in the distribution of their estate, it is an affirmation of their deeply held beliefs about issues of ultimate importance. Such gift plans recognize the eternal nature of OC's work and give us courage to continue this life-changing mission."

For more information on how you can include Oklahoma Christian University in your estate plan, please contact the Office for Planned Giving at (405) 425-5118.