Lloyd & Nancy Couple's Deep Connection to OC Leads to Lasting Support

Will Blanchard (07)

Lloyd and Nancy Mitchell have a rich Oklahoma Christian University pedigree.

Their first ties to Oklahoma Christian go back to the early 1950s, when Nancy’s grandfather, D.S. Keith, was an early contributor toward the founding of the school, known at the time as Central Christian College in Bartlesville.

Later, Lloyd would build on Keith’s foundation by serving as a county chairman for Oklahoma Christian in Caddo County. Recruited by James Cail, Lloyd worked to build ties and raise support for Oklahoma Christian with the people and churches of Caddo County. 

“Back then, it was not uncommon for someone to pledge a ton of alfalfa or a bale of cotton to the school,” Lloyd said. “But those early contributions were important and they made a difference.”

This early volunteer work helped form Lloyd’s belief in the value of Christian higher education and inspired, in part, his giving today.

The Mitchells’ connections to OC run deeper still. Lloyd and his first wife, Mable, were friends of OC’s first president, L.R. Wilson, and they shared a special relationship with OC’s third president, Dr. J. Terry Johnson.

“Terry and our daughter, Marty, devoted the majority of their working lives to Oklahoma Christian as president and first lady,” Lloyd said. “We are giving, in part, to honor their long commitment.”

Vice President for Advancement John deSteiguer said he is grateful for the Mitchells’ meaningful leadership giving, but adds that “the most significant gift Lloyd Mitchell has given to OC is his wonderful daughter, Marty Johnson.”

In addition to Marty, six of Nancy and Lloyd’s other children also attended Oklahoma Christian. 

“We appreciate the school so much because of the quality, Christian education our kids received there,” Lloyd said.

Lloyd and Nancy chose to support scholarships because they remember firsthand the impact scholarship dollars can make. 

“As a student, I appreciated so much having scholarships available. They weren’t always large, but they were so helpful,” he said. 

“And this type of support is even more crucial now,” Nancy said. “The cost of education today is astounding.”

By directly empowering young people, the Mitchells are passing on a unique legacy, one that is especially exciting for them.

“To know that what you’ve managed to do during your lifetime would live on – rather than just being spent – to see it live on in the lives of other children … that is our primary motivation,” Lloyd said. 

“We are giving to glorify God,” Nancy said. 

Together, the Mitchells are reinvesting to transform young lives for the Lord’s service.

The Mitchells gave their home to OC and retained the right to live in the home for the rest of their lives. At the end of both of their lives, the home will be owned completely by Oklahoma Christian and will be sold to fund a scholarship in honor of Lloyd and his late wife, Mable. 

The Lloyd and Mable Mitchell Endowed Scholarship will serve students from all majors who have significant financial need. In exchange for their gift of the remainder interest in their home, OC issued a charitable gift annuity that will provide payments to Lloyd and Nancy for the remainder of both of their lives. 

Their gift is a win-win for the Mitchells and OC, and it is a beautiful way to collaborate to accomplish great things. This scholarship endowment, made possible by the Mitchells’ creative gift planning, will ensure that their combined love and energy for the Kingdom will be felt by many for years after they are gone.

“Lloyd and Nancy’s gift is wonderfully creative. Gifts and donors like the Mitchells are inspiring to so many others who will follow their lead in the years to come,” said Stephen Eck, OC’s vice president for planned and estate giving. 

Summer 2010

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