Lisa Curry Student Shaves Head for Cancer Awareness

Chelsi Rodriguez (10)

Although many OC students went on traditional spring break trips and mission trips, some students like senior Lisa Curry and junior Rachel Poland experienced a little less traditional Spring Break. 

Each March, several events take place throughout the country to support childhood cancer research. 

During Spring Break, Curry shaved her head as part of her participation in one of the main events in Chicago.

“Anyone could shave their head, and all you had to do is tell friends and family about childhood cancer research and ask for donations. All the money goes straight to the organization that funds childhood cancer research,” Curry said.

Curry has a close friend whose family inspired her decision to shave her head.

“I have known my friend Coleen since middle school, and her older sister had cancer at age 11, and Coleen was about seven when her sister was going through that,” Curry said. “They have always been very big on cancer awareness and something I really learned by being close to them. I have had super long hair for the past four or five years, and Coleen had pretty long hair too, so it was something we have been wanting to do in honor of her sister.”

Although most of the girls seen shaving their heads were not in high spirits, Curry was happy to do so. 

“Most of them were crying, but I was kind of giggly the whole time because I had never had a razor to my head before. It was kind of warm and liberating,” Curry said. “They sectioned my hair off into four different ponytails, cut them off and handed them to me. It was very surreal. They donated all the hair to Locks of Love, which I thought was pretty cool.”

Through shaving her head, Curry’s team was able to raise $5,000. 

Poland traveled with Curry to Chicago for the event and explained how watching people shave their head for a cause touched her life.

“It was pretty intense,” Poland said. “When we went upstairs in the event we could see the people about to shave their heads, and one of the girls was about to shave her long hair she had her whole life. Lisa was ecstatic the whole time, but for some people it was really emotional. Seeing all those people really inspires me and makes me want to do something like that.” 


Summer 2010

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