Li'l Eagles

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Heidi Grace Brookman, born September 5, 2011, is the daughter of Phil (05) and Mary (04) Brookman and granddaughter of Steve (77) and Gail (77) Brookman.

Hudson Edward Bryant, born February 11, 2010, and Hazel May Bryant, born May 9, 2013, are the children of Jesse (08) and Jillian (Belville 09) Bryant.

 Nora Violet Watson, born July 13, 2007, Knox William Watson, born March 13, 2010, and Klein Phillip Watson, born June 26, 2013, are the children of Luke (06) and Amanda (Forrester 05) Watson.

Colby LaRue, born June 12, 2012, is the son of Clint (98) and Marilyn (Hinds 03) LaRue.

George Forrester Perrey, born April 17, 2012, is the son of Chris (04) and Anna Jane (Forrester 04) Perrey.

Brooklyn Vaughn, daughter of Clint (00) and Sheridan Vaughn, and granddaughter of Ray (70) and Suzanne (69) Vaughn.



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