Leaders Praise Dr. O'Neal

Mike O’Neal is a legacy leader. Everything that he has touched is enhanced. Everything that he has accomplished is accomplished with humility, goodness and a servant’s willingness to share credit. He uplifts and teaches in the spirit of optimism and hope and a determined commitment to truth. He is the quintessential educator and friend. There is no one better. 

Frank Keating

Former Governor of Oklahoma

My heartfelt congratulations go out to President O’Neal for his 10 years of dedicated service at Oklahoma Christian University and the tremendous growth the community has experienced during his tenure. He has been a friend and passionate advocate of the founding principles that made America great. His Christ-centered vision for the university and his love for serving others is the visible result of someone who knows what it means to follow in the footsteps of Jesus by practicing servant-leadership.

Dr. Tom Coburn

U.S. Senator

OC has taken extraordinary strides in the last 10 years under Dr. O’Neal’s leadership. Graduates and professors are leading our state by volunteering on statewide boards and commissions, and by stepping up in the community. In Edmond, OC had more than 100 athletes show up to our “Make a Difference” Day and work alongside our younger kids to make improvements to area parks. The younger kids were so impressed that these college students would take the time to work in our city.

Patrice Douglas (83)

Oklahoma Corporation Commission

Former Mayor of Edmond

President Mike O’Neal is unmatched in his dedication to the principles of liberty and servant leadership, and he has left an indelible mark on Oklahoma Christian University during his tenure. As the man who spearheaded the creation of the Academy of Leadership and Liberty, he labored to make sure those values were preserved and passed down to future generations. President O’Neal also reshaped OC’s campus and has helped set consecutive undergraduate and graduate enrollment records along the way. No one can doubt his leadership or his commitment to education.

Mary Fallin

Governor of Oklahoma

Pound for pound, there are few institutions that are making a difference the way OC is in America and around the world, and that is due in large part to Dr. Mike O’Neal’s outstanding character and prayerful leadership. Speaking at the United Nations, working with Rwandan President Paul Kagame, or traveling with me to Jordan to meet with His Majesty King Abdullah II, Mike O’Neal has not only made OC a better place in his time as president; he has made the world a better place.

Gen. Tommy Franks

Former Commander-in-Chief

United States Central Command (Retired)

While Mike O’Neal is often the smartest guy in the room, he is also the nicest. I am proud of my former colleague and the progress my alma mater made during his significant tenure as president. He and Nancy were a blessing OC will never forget, and I am grateful.

Dr. Andrew K. Benton (74)

President of Pepperdine University

Dr. Mike O’Neal has led OC to a new level of involvement and prominence in the Oklahoma City community. Mike has built relationships across our community, reaching out to business leaders through his service on the board of the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce and cultivating relationships among the leadership of our Christian community through Salt and Light Leadership Training. University presidents will come and go, but Mike and Nancy O’Neal have made a lasting mark on our city because they took the time to reach out and build personal relationships with people across our city, including me. They are our friends – and our brother and sister in Christ. Thanks, Mike and Nancy, for touching our city!

Kirk Humphreys

Former Mayor of Oklahoma City

Dr. Mike O’Neal deserves the highest praise and congratulations for his strong tenure and excellent leadership of Oklahoma Christian over the past 10 years. His service to the university improved the school through growth and strength. He has had a positive impact on students and faculty that has reached beyond Oklahoma to the rest of the world while setting OC on a track of success for years to come. Dr. O’Neal, your work, your legacy, and your example leave big shoes to fill.

Jim Inhofe

U.S. Senator

Spring 2012

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