Kudos for Ethos

“Chapel has always been and always will be a center of spiritual life on the OC campus. We have recently developed some smaller Chapel experiences to give students a choice on some days between the large Chapel in Hardeman Auditorium and ones when they meet with others in their major or in some other special interest. A specified number of Kudos must come from Chapel to assure that students still have the meaningful Chapel experience that many of our alumni recall as part of their spiritual heritage from OC.”

-Dr. Stafford North
Distinguished Professor of Bible

“Attention to the spiritual welfare of students is a hallmark of Oklahoma Christian. Chapel and participation in service projects offer continuing opportunities for growth. With this in mind, OC has embarked on a plan to expand involvement by providing students and staff the option on occasion to attend Chapel in smaller, more intimate settings with individuals who share the same academic disciplines or interests. This format has been used successfully for several years, with ‘Great Songs Chapel’ held on Friday mornings with an emphasis on praising God through song. The turnout is frequently so great that it exceeds seating capacity! The positive response to ‘Great Songs’ is an example of an alternate setting that provides a very personal and meaningful worship experience.”

-Bob Rowley (70)
Executive Director of Church Relations

“With positive growth in all areas of university life, unthinkable challenges have surfaced. One particular challenge that had to be tackled with systemic thinking was the Chapel experience for our students. How does one fit almost 2,000 undergraduate students in a space that can only house 1,200? How do students feel a sense of belonging in the midst of such a huge crowd? How are we meeting the spiritual needs of a growing, diverse group of students? The idea of ‘Ethos’ answered the call and provided ways to respond to most of these questions. Since its introduction, excitement about spiritual gatherings has soared! It feels like new life has been injected into our system and university family. It is our hope that through ‘Ethos,’ we are planting each student by ‘streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither.’” (Psalm 1:3).

-Dr. Alan Martin
Dean of the College of Biblical Studies

Fall 2014

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