Jacob Shuart Campus Cupid Serenades to Support Missions

Chelsi Lecrone (10)

Back in February, OC students and faculty didn’t have to look far to find their own Cupid. 

His name was Jacob Shuart. 

Shuart, a senior at Oklahoma Christian, has been playing Cupid since his high school days, and he continues to do so here on campus and around the Edmond area. 

Anyone can book Shuart to sing to someone they know for a Valentine’s Day gift, and the proceeds will help fund OC students’ mission trips. 

“I dress up in white shorts, red boxers, a white shirt with hearts, knee-high red socks and white shoes with hearts. I look ridiculous,” Shuart said. “I thought it would do really well at Oklahoma Christian since all the money goes to help our peers fund their mission trips.” 

Shuart’s serenades cost $20. He raised almost $1,000 this year. He has sung for people ranging from a middle school girl in her cafeteria at school, to a chief of police, husbands, wives and many others. 

“The very first serenade I did was six o’clock in the morning. I sang to a guy in his 50s at a coffee shop. He was sitting with all his friends, and he was a ‘tough guy,’” said Shuart, who spends his summers performing with OC’s drama and comedy troupe, Unbound. “He had no idea who sent me, and it was hilarious.” 

Shuart serenaded Carol Branson at the pharmacy she works at in Jacob’s hometown. When he came in, she said the whole place stopped and watched. 

“It was very awesome, and it is very enterprising of him to use his God-given talent. He is a very good singer and good guitarist,” Branson said. “He was so awesome, and I would definitely recommend him to others if they are looking for a Valentine’s gift idea.”

Sophomore Holly Greene is one student who benefitted from the serenades. Shuart helped Greene fund her mission trip to Ghana, Africa. 

“I think it’s fantastic and really sweet,” Greene said. “I would much rather a friend of mine receive a beautiful singing Jacob Cupid instead of something from the Valentine’s Day aisle at Target. Jacob is unbelievably creative, and he has a good heart for opportunities such as this.”

Shuart writes a new song for his Valentine’s job every year. This year, it was titled, “I Long for You.” Shuart says the person’s name in the lyrics to make it more personalized. 

“I will sing to anyone at anytime,” Shuart said. “It is a good way to donate to missions and it’s a sweet valentine as well.” 

It’s never too early to start planning gifts for next year’s Valentine’s Day. To contact Jacob, email him at jacob.shuart@oc.edu

Summer 2010

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