Humbly Serving Compton Cultivates Success in Business, Faith, and Family

Chelsie Flagg (14)

Described as a hard worker, an avid believer, a loving family man, and a supportive person, Marc Compton exemplifies what success truly is. 

Marc graduated from Oklahoma Christian with an engineering physics degree in 1986, then earned his MBA degree in finance and marketing from Southern Methodist University. 

He quickly climbed the ladder of success in the business world and is now a managing director and market executive for U.S. Trust and Bank of America. He joined OC’s Board of Trustees in 2013.

Through his work ethic, Marc was able to prove himself as a businessman, but his priority has always been raising a family who seeks God, praises God, and lives Godly lives. 

He doesn't inspire me through his success in the business world, but through his success in raising a God-loving and God-serving family. Riley Compton
“He doesn’t inspire me through his success in the business world, but through his success in raising a God-loving and God-serving family,” his son Riley said. “It is extremely inspiring to have someone you respect so much show that level of effort, love, and devotion to you.”

Marc and his wife Jody (Anderson 87), have been married for 27 years. They’re quite the dynamic duo; Jody directs Christian College Day Northwest, an annual event hosted by Southwest Church of Christ in Tigard, Oregon, that allows prospective students to interact one on one with Christian university representatives from around the United States. 

Big brother Riley and sisters Cassidy and Carley give the Comptons a trio of children. Though Marc spends much of his workweek traveling, he remains a husband and father first. 

“I really value being present – trying to participate and watch what the kids do in sports, in music, in dance, or whatever they are doing,” Marc said.  

He makes a habit of traveling from the Compton home in Oregon to their OC home to see his children; Riley graduated in April with a mathematics degree and Cassidy will be a sophomore at OC this fall. 

“My dad would always seem to visit at the perfect times; just when I was starting to miss home, he would fly in to OC and spend a weekend,” Cassidy said. 

Marc has taught his family many lessons that go deeper than business titles. 

“He has taught me that smarts can only get you so far. What truly separates people in the business world is the work ethic and effort they show in their lives,” Riley said. 

Above all, Marc makes sure his children know that God is the source of his strengths. 

“He puts God before everything and makes sure we know that God and our faith are what help get you through anything in life,” Cassidy said. 

With everything that Marc has accomplished since graduating from Oklahoma Christian, he continues to model true success and continues to give back to OC. 

“Out of all my work, OC is the most important for me. It’s spiritually related, it’s related to things of permanence, in terms of eternity,” Marc said, “I’m just trying to humbly serve and add what I can to the efforts of the school.”  

Summer 2015

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