Honors House Opens

The start of the 2011-12 academic year brought the opening of the new Honors House at Davisson Hall, a residential option for students seeking to reach their academic potential. 

Study, meeting, café, and activity spaces also are included in the Honors House as part of the $2.3 million renovation.

Directed by Dr. Scott LaMascus (84), OC’s Honors Program provides an exceptional undergraduate experience for academic achievers eager to learn in Christian community. The program offers an Honors core curriculum in place of the general education core.

“We’re trying to keep the dorm from being a retreat from learning, but instead an extension of it,” LaMascus told the Oklahoman. “Students spend so much more of their time in the dorms than they do in the classroom. We hope to motivate and empower them to do their best work.”

The National Collegiate Honors Council, of which the OC Honors Program is a member, recommends separate housing for honors students to help hone their focus on academics.

The average ACT score for an OC honors student is 31. About 30 percent of the students are National Merit Scholars.

Fall 2011

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