Honorary Alumni 2011

By Wes McKinzie (98)

They were pioneers. Though they earned their degrees elsewhere, their commitment to Oklahoma Christian helped our university become what it is today.

This year’s group of 28 honorary alumni joined with CCC and OCC grads to elevate the school in its formative period, building on the foundation forged in Bartlesville and in the early Oklahoma City years.

The professors, equipped with doctorates and/or real-world experience, provided academic strength. The staff members added expertise to the day-to-day operations of this fledgling college.

Many people have made immeasurable contributions to OC’s growth, but these honorary alumni are distinguished by their many years of service. 

Like previous honorees – iconic names like Dobson, Hays, Leftwich, Phillips and Wilson – they gave their working lives to Oklahoma Christian. 

They were connected with students. They were involved outside their classrooms and offices. 

They led in outreach. They starred in Follies. They got thrown out of the gym for being just a little too zealous at basketball games.

Thanks in large part to their dedication, Oklahoma Christian became more than a Bible college on a rural patch of red dirt. It became an integral part of the big city and the global community.

They helped give us credibility. They helped set us apart. They became family.

Join us at the Alumni Banquet on Friday, November 4 to honor this special group of people … along with many others who made a significant impact on Oklahoma Christian University.

2011 Honorary Alumni

  • Dr. Darrel Alexander – theatre
  • Dr. James Baxter – science
  • Dr. Ron Bever – speech and campaigns
  • Clarence and Wilma Buller* – maintenance/mailroom
  • Ralph Burcham – business and campaigns
  • Carolyn Castleman* – language
  • Dr. Don Dunn – science
  • Dr. Lois Exendine* – education
  • Gary Fields – financial
  • Dr. Elmo Hall – English and campaigns
  • Malcom Hinckley* – library
  • Geneva Hoover – library
  • Dr. Bill Jones – Bible
  • Dr. Darvin Keck – science and campaigns
  • Dr. Raymond Kelcy* – Bible (pictured)
  • Dr. Bernard Keys – business
  • Dr. Hugo McCord* – Bible
  • Jack McElroy* – data processing
  • Dr. Richard Mock – student life
  • Glenn Nance* – cafeteria
  • Dr. Howard Norton – Bible and campaigns
  • Larry Rhodes* – student life
  • Elizabeth Ross – English
  • Dr. Roland Schultz – science
  • Bob Smith* – admissions
  • Ray and Sue Vaughn* – athletics/English
  • Phil Watson – fundraising
  • Polly Wigginton* – bookstore * deceased


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