Greg Clark Comes Back for Moore Alumni Testimonials from Tornado Victims, Volunteers

Greg Clark (91) Preaching Minister, Sylvan Hills Church of Christ, Sherwood, Arkansas

May 20 was a day of heartbreak for my hometown of Moore. Watching events unfold live on TV from my home in Arkansas was a surreal experience. My parents’ home and the church where I attended growing up (Central Church of Christ) were in the line of fire. I had briefly talked to my parents as they were taking shelter. All I could do was pray and wait.

Within minutes of the tornado’s crossing into Moore, I received a call from one of the elders where I preach. Michael Carger called to do what godly shepherds do best: pray. In rapid succession, other calls came expressing concern. Later, we learned the tornado had come within one block of both my parents’ home and the Central church building. I was personally relieved, but also deeply grieved at the loss suffered by so many others.

Nature’s fury is beyond our best intelligence and science, but not our faith. We can’t change what happened, but we knew we could be a part of what happened next. 

My friends in Sherwood, Arkansas, Belle Chasse, Louisiana, and Greenwood, Arkansas, did not want to miss out on what God was doing in the relief effort at Central. They opened their hearts to help people they had never met. They enabled me to take almost $18,000 plus three loads of supplies to people I had never forgotten. 

Together we prayed. Together we brought a little hope to my hometown. With God, Moore is OK.

Fall 2013

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