Glover celebrates lifelong friends, ministry

By Aimee Vance

After being in ministry for three decades, Ben Glover says the key to success is “staying passionate to what you believe.”

Ben graduated from Oklahoma Christian in 1986 with a bachelor’s degree in youth ministry, then earned his master’s degree in ministry from OC in 1995.

He has worked as a family minister in Del City, Oklahoma, and as a pulpit minister in Lawrence, Kansas, and Bethel, Oklahoma. He now works as a senior minister at Oakcrest Church of Christ in Oklahoma City.

In addition to excelling in the field of ministry, he has kept close ties with OC. He’s taught as a adjunct professor in biblical studies and teamed with OC alumnus Gary Cochran to create Camp Genesis, a ministry camp for teens OC hosts each summer.

“Some of your greatest lifelong friends are right around you right now,” Ben said. “For example, I met Gary Cochran at church camp at OC, and he has been a lifelong friend. People right around you can be a tremendous blessing. Other people have similar passion or like-mindedness, and that can spark interesting conversations and build a support group.”

Ben learned about OC through a youth intern named Grady King.

“Grady King was a youth intern where I went to church,” Ben said. “He was an OC alumnus, and he put my name on the list to receive mail from OC. They were the only college to really send me anything, so I decided to go to OC.”

Ben said OC has had a great impact on his career.

“I went to be a youth ministry major, and I only knew about it because of Grady. Just being around people in class taught me networking and other valuable knowledge,” Ben said.

Ben said his favorite OC memory is getting engaged to his wife Elaina, whom he has been with for 32 years.

He made another memory in 2013 when OC’s College of Biblical Studies honored him as one of its outstanding alumni.

“Everyone who knows and loves Ben agrees he was a great choice to receive this award,” said Kelli Dudley, a friend of Ben’s who teaches in OC’s School of Education. “Ben has dedicated his life to serving God and serving others. His ability to help through the hard times in life is a characteristic that defines his passion for others. He is the first to celebrate one’s achievements and is the first to console during times of sorrow. Ben is a Christ-like example.”