From the President

Dear Alumni and Friends:

I am often asked what my hopes and dreams are for Oklahoma Christian. Often, the inquirer wants to know what new buildings we will build, what programs will be added or strengthened, or how many students we will have. 

Yet, OC is so much more than just a place or an accumulation of scholars, programs and buildings. It is a living organism with a mission to strengthen young people for lives of purpose and servant-leadership, to change the world for good, and to bring glory to our Heavenly Father. 

To answer the question at a deeper level, I have articulated a number of challenging dreams, goals and objectives: 

• OC pursues its mission with courage, integrity and determination.

• OC’s students, faculty, staff and alumni are encouraged to follow their dreams, to identify and use the gifts God gave them, to pursue excellence, and to not be afraid to take risks. 

• OC protects and celebrates academic integrity and freedom.

• OC does not shrink from things controversial or difficult, but welcomes them with faith and diligence.

• OC is highly motivated toward excellence and constructive change, even in the face of academic, social or spiritual inertia, because we accept the responsibility for our giftedness as stewards in God’s kingdom.

• OC acknowledges and accepts responsibility for failures and mistakes.

• OC’s constituencies gladly and generously partner with the institution because they see something of great value here. 

• OC is a learning-centric institution, not a teaching-centric institution, adapting to and accommodating diverse learning styles. 

• OC helps set lives on the right path for eternity, and all lives OC touches are blessed and enriched by the relationship. 

• OC’s facilities are functional, beautiful, high-quality and well-maintained.

• OC’s endowment (i.e. its ability to withstand economic turmoil and to assure excellence) will reach $100 million and continue growing, allowing OC to stay financially affordable and fiscally responsible.

• OC attracts and retains adaptable, creative, energetic, intelligent and passionate people, and cares for them well.

• OC has a culture of risk, growth, creativity, entrepreneurship, trust and truth-seeking. 

• OC welcomes, accepts and nurtures people from all walks of life. 

• OC exemplifies and promotes the restoration ideals of unity, love for all humankind, and a humble and honest search for truth.

• OC is appreciated and highly respected in the local, regional and national communities. Its brand value is exceptional. 

• OC is in high student demand and has selective admission, while always providing opportunities for less-prepared students of promise who are willing to work hard. 

• OC personifies Dr. Jerry Rushford’s description that the university “has the imprint of the world on its heart.”

• OC changes every life it touches for good, and those lives change the world for good. 

• OC’s leadership makes decisions that are not about individuals, power or control, but about the university, its mission, and its impact on the kingdom and the world.

• OC is a great university that glorifies God and Christ through our stewardship. 

We acknowledge that OC does not perfectly fulfill these aspirations, but we seek to be faithful in our efforts. Our public relations tagline Faith[fully] reflects our desire to do better and better each day. 

OC’s students, faculty, staff and alumni continue to excel and to achieve far beyond what our resources would predict. In the pages of this VISION, you will meet some of those extraordinary people. We can’t begin to tell you all of the good stories in these pages, so I hope you subscribe to our Alumni eNews and watch our progress at 

We deeply appreciate our friends and alumni who enable so much good to be done through OC. 

In His service, 

Mike E. O’Neal

Summer 2010

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