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Dear Alumni and Friends,

Great things are happening at OC!

As we prepare for another outstanding Homecoming

weekend in November, we’re excited that more future alumni

are calling OC home than ever before.

It’s yet another record enrollment year, and we’re blessed to

have these bright and talented students in our care.

We take our responsibility to them, to you, and to our

Christian mission very seriously.

I’m thankful to serve alongside Christian brothers and

sisters who want to be held accountable for how they’re serving

students for good … dedicated men and women who want to

stretch so our students can grow.

It’s a blessing to serve in a well-rounded place that tackles

tough issues and gives our students opportunities to think

deeply about faith matters.

This year alone is a great example of our mission here at

Oklahoma Christian. At our core, we embrace Restoration

Movement ideals and use events like this year’s OC Lectureship

to discuss our various roles in the future of the church.

We welcome Church of Christ members like Jase and Missy

Robertson to talk about how they live out their faith in the

fishbowl of their record-setting cable TV show, Duck Dynasty.

We welcome leaders from other faith traditions, scholars

like Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove and N.T. Wright, because we

can learn from their spiritual walks and how they’ve impacted

others for good.

We welcome best-selling writers like Naomi Benaron, the

keynote speaker at this year’s McBride Lecture for Faith and

Literature, because they have enlightened perspectives to share

on social justice and other important issues.

Our students want to be challenged. They want to grow. They

want to change the world. We engage them where they are and

help them wrestle with big and difficult and life-changing ideas

right here in a safe, nurturing community.

We expose them to real-world issues in the controlled

environments of our classrooms and lecture halls so they don’t

lose their way when they face real-world challenges.

Our desire is for students to be well-prepared to stand strong

in their Christian walk as they go out from OC to engage with a

world that wants to dilute their faith.

We have no agenda other than doing the best things for our

students and glorifying God in the process.

And, ultimately, as we serve our students for good, we pray

God will work through these efforts to bless our campus, the

church and the community at large.

We hope you have the opportunity to come home to OC and

receive those blessings as often as possible. When you’re here for

Homecoming and other occasions, we encourage you to walk

your campus, celebrate your memories, and pray. We’re anxious

to receive the blessing of your presence and prayers.

In His Service,

John deSteiguer


Spring 2013

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