From the President

As I pen my last President’s Message for Vision, it is with a mixture of nostalgia for this past decade and an eager anticipation for the unfolding of continued blessings for OC. 

Nancy and I have thoroughly enjoyed our 10 years serving alongside a dedicated Board of Trustees, a talented, diligent administrative team and staff, and one of the finest faculties anywhere. We will deeply miss the unique opportunities this role has afforded us. 

Looking back over the past 10 years, we have seen the hand of God working through His people to transform the institution and the lives of thousands of young men and women. 

We are grateful that God has enabled the University to achieve many of the objectives and goals that were envisioned a decade ago. 

What a blessing it is to conclude our service with confidence that Oklahoma Christian University will continue her focused, purposeful mission and will operate from a solid spiritual, academic and fiscal foundation, guided and blessed by the hand of God.

Please pray for God’s blessings on the University as she faces the challenges affecting Christian higher education now and in the foreseeable future: changing demographics of college-going students; the affordability of campus-based education; new learning paradigms; an increasing hostility of the public square and culture to the values of faith; declining appreciation for holistic, liberal arts-based education; and intensifying competition from highly-endowed and government-funded education. 

Despite these unique challenges, OC’s future is exceedingly bright. We are confident that the One who is ultimately in control of this world will continue to bless those who are faithful. 

We are confident that you – our alumni and friends – treasure the special Christ-centered, holistic and excellent education offered at OC. 

One of the greatest blessings as I leave this role is knowing that my successor shares the vision and has been gifted by God with the character and skills to carry out the mission. 

It is of inestimable comfort to know that President-elect John deSteiguer and his wife Darla are people of deep faith and great talent. 

Thank you, the OC extended family, for giving Dr. deSteiguer the encouragement, prayers and support to carry out the very worthy mission of transforming lives for Christian faith, scholarship and service.

We thank God for the opportunity Nancy and I have had to serve as President and First Lady of Oklahoma Christian University. It has been a great blessing to our lives, and we pray that the Oklahoma Christian family has been blessed and that God has been glorified by our service. 

Your servant in Christ,

Mike E. O’Neal


Spring 2012

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