From the President

Dear Alumni and Friends:

I would like to share with you an update about the plans Nancy and I are making for our future. 

We have been privileged to serve our beloved Oklahoma Christian University for almost nine years. It has been a great blessing to our lives; we pray that the OC family has been blessed as well and that God has been glorified. 

When we came in 2002, the Trustees asked us to commit to 10 years in the role as president. When you are having so much fun, time passes in a hurry, and we are nearing the end of our 10-year commitment. 

Though OC’s future holds many wonderful possibilities, with God’s blessings and your help, many of our original goals are nearing completion. 

By virtually every measure, OC has never been in better condition, and we feel it is time to begin an orderly transition to the next president, who will lead the university to even greater levels of service and excellence. 

Therefore, I recently notified the Board of Trustees that they should begin a transition process that would culminate in the appointment of a new president by June 2012. 

Please know that we will be serving with the same zeal and love for OC between now and then, as well as in the years after June 2012. 

There is much we want to see accomplished in the next 15 months so the next leadership has an even stronger foundation on which to build. We will continue operations as usual – which at OC means a constant striving for excellence and greatness for the glory of God. 

Nancy and I deeply love Oklahoma Christian, its people, and its mission. We are hopeful that there will be an opportunity to continue serving the university in a useful role following this transition. 

Please join Nancy and me in praying for the wisdom of the Trustees as they plan for the future of this great university. We are deeply grateful for their support and for the privilege of serving these past several years. 

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement of Oklahoma Christian University. The past is a strong foundation, the present is a constant joy, and the future is exceedingly bright. 

Please join us in renewing our commitments and efforts in pursuit of God-inspired excellence as we tackle the challenges and opportunities of this transition time and beyond. 

With warmest regards, 

Mike E. O’Neal

Spring 2011

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