First MSCS, BS/MS grads earn their degrees

Last fall, 37 students comprised the first graduating class for OC’s new Master of Science in Computer Science program, earning their degrees in just one year.

OC also offers a two-year program that is popular among engineers at Tinker Air Force Base.

In April, Olivier Tuyishime and Jean Paul Iradukunda became the first OC students to graduate with both their BS and MS degrees in computer science.

The combination program allows undergraduate students to begin graduate work prior to receiving their bachelor’s degree. Students can count nine credit hours of their graduate work toward their bachelor’s degree.

“Having a master’s degree in CS will open a wider range of jobs and potentially provide them a higher starting salary,” Director of Computer Science Advancement David North (79) said. “I have seen studies that show a $10,000 increase.”

CNN, Money Magazine, and U.S. News and World Report list multiple computer science professions among the nation’s top 10 jobs in salary and availability.

Spring 2017

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