Complete Campaign Lives Up to Its Name OC Family Invests $13.6 Million in First Year

The launch of Thrive: The Complete Campaign marked a bold cultural turn for OC. 

Unlike 99.9% of its counterparts, Thrive is an open, actionable, and flexible campaign from start to finish. Beginning June 1, 2014, the university took the OC family behind the curtain via and has not let up since. 

Successes, failures, price changes, strategy changes, emotions, considerations, dreams, and more have been made available for the world to see – and the world, by and large, has consumed Thrive hungrily.

In fact, the momentum of Year One is nothing short of phenomenal, with 5,883 people committing more than $13.6 million to Oklahoma Christian this year. 

This total represents a full $1 million more than what the university targeted for the first year of Thrive.

Moreover, and in line with the mantra of a “complete” campaign, the OC family helped fund seven of the 14 named projects in Year One, including the College of Engineering Launch, Strategic Planning Fund, Cail Auditorium Remodel, Das Millicanhaus Remodel, Apartment Refresh Initiative, Fitness Facility Overhaul (now “The Dub”), and the HD Upgrade of Hardeman Auditorium. 

Beyond these named projects, our 2014-2015 general scholarship goal was smashed, with donors giving more than three times its initial goal of $700,000.

Thrive: Year Two, now public, builds on this momentum. This year’s first priority is to complete the seven outstanding projects from Year One, which total approximately $6 million (see side menu).

Three new menu items join the carryover projects: Eagle Landing, the 2015-2016 General Scholarship Fund, and the 2015-2016 Unrestricted Match Initiative. 

In total, all new and ongoing projects within Thrive total $12.5 million in additional targets for the next 12 months. 

Complete descriptions of these projects and progress reports can be found online at

Summer 2015

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