Championship Pedigree White Enjoys Seasons to Remember with Titans

By Murray Evans (89)

Colin White came to Oklahoma Christian as a baseball guy, having played that game all the way through junior college. He left OC as a softball coach.

A decade out of college, Colin’s decision to embrace softball has proven fortuitous. 

At age 33, he’s already put together a resume that would be the envy of many coaches, with three Oklahoma Class 5A state championships at Carl Albert High School in Midwest City since 2006.

Now in his eighth season guiding the Titans, he has his team poised to contend for yet another championship. 

He credits his success to the foundation given to him in good part by two coaches at Oklahoma Christian. One of them happens to be his father, Chuck (76), the Eagles’ baseball coach who had a long career coaching both baseball and softball in the Oklahoma prep ranks before arriving at OC.

“Being a coach’s son helps with a lot of things,” Colin said. “I’ve been around the game a long time because of Dad. We’d sometimes just sit watching games on TV and talk about things that came up. My knowledge of the game definitely comes from him. I’ve learned to treat umpires and opposing coaches differently from watching my dad. I’ve also watched him deal with parents and players along the way.”

Colin once was one of those players. He played collegiately at Rose State College in Midwest City before arriving at Oklahoma Christian in 1998. 

But instead of playing that sport at OC, he gravitated toward softball, where he served as a graduate assistant under the Lady Eagles’ longtime coach, Tom Heath (71). Colin worked with Heath and OC assistant Steve Gault, picking up coaching tips along the way.

“I learned a lot working with those two,” Colin said. “In softball, you’ve got to have a pretty good pitcher to be successful, and Steve is a guru when it comes to pitching. From Tommy, I saw him as more of the general manager of the team. He managed the team well.”

Heath entrusted Colin with the maintenance of the Lady Eagles’ playing field – no small concern for a coach who built OC’s softball program from scratch.

“Colin was very good with field maintenance,” Heath said. “His dad is particular in how he takes care of his field and Colin got that from him. He did a great job helping me and got a good taste of what it was like to coach.”

While working with Heath at OC, then later serving as his father’s assistant at Carl Albert, Colin developed what’s been a successful coaching philosophy for him.

“I don’t like to overdo practice. I like to get it done,” he said. “If you can’t get it done in two hours, you’re wasting your time. Treat people right. Treat the girls right, treat parents right. Don’t get too involved with the game. Let the girls take care of the game. Don’t try to control it as a coach.”

An effective teacher both in and out of the classroom, Colin still is involved with baseball, too. He’s picked up two state championships as an assistant coach in that sport at Carl Albert, but he’s grown to love his adopted game of softball. He says he’ll continue to coach both as long as he enjoys doing so.

“I enjoy the pace of the game. It’s quicker than a baseball game,” he said. “I like both of them. However things go, I’ll go with it.”


Fall 2011

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