Buckled in for a career joyride OC engineering grad runs top 25 company

Beam's Industries called him first. With his hard-earned mechanical engineering degree in hand, Mike Bosley had three job offers that week. He took the Beam's job, but jokes he likely would have taken anything that offered a steady paycheck.

That was in 1995. Mike started as a staff engineer a couple of weeks after his graduation. Today, he's president of the Oklahoma City-based seatbelt company that does business all over the world through Asia, Australia, Europe and South America.

"Beam's Industries is an incredible company and I've been in love with it from my first day there. We aren't perfect, but we are always getting better," he said. 

"Last year, we were ranked as one of the 'Top 25 Best Places to Work in Oklahoma.' It is paramount to create a positive work environment where people are valued individually. Our main motivation must always be to show God's love through the company and make our workplace one of ministry wherever possible. There is no part of our business that is 'off-limits' to God." 

Mike says his undergraduate experience in OC's mechanical engineering program prepared him well. He went on to earn his MBA from Oklahoma Christian in 2002.

"Our engineering professors taught us how to apply faith in our discipline and to think critically and solve problems. They also taught us how to communicate both orally and in writing," he said. "I thoroughly enjoyed my MBA classes and consider those classes critical to my ever-growing understanding of businesses and how they operate both for profit and for good."

Beam's Industries was founded by Tom and Ada Beam, for whom the OC Library is named. Part of what defines Beam's as an internationally successful company is its commitment to authenticity through its management and through prayer.

"Our owners, Frank Smith (CFO) and Ted Merritt (VP), always ensure we use the business as a ministry whenever and wherever possible," Mike said. "Frank always reminds us about the value of praying for the business. We pray for success not solely as a means to profit but as a means to employ more people in a good environment. We don't live to earn a profit but we must earn a profit to stay in business and provide good jobs for people."

Another unique aspect about Beam's is its open-book management.

"This means that all employees throughout the company see the same financial statements that the owners and senior management team see. Individual salaries are not shared, but all other information regarding how the company makes and spends money is presented to the entire workforce," he said.

Employees huddle twice each month to talk about revenue, expenses, and profitability. The company employs anywhere from 60 to 75 people depending on the season, at least 10 of whom are OC graduates or have children at OC.

In addition to being president of a company, a husband to Dana (Bridgwater), and father to Noah (5) and Katie (2), Mike is now an active volunteer with Junior Achievement. He teaches a personal finance class at a local high school.

He's also very involved in his congregation, Edmond Church of Christ, where he is a deacon and teaches middle school Bible classes.

And he stays connected to his alma mater.

"OC is a hugely important part of our lives," he said. "The biggest growth period of my Christian faith occurred while I was at, and because of, Oklahoma Christian."

by Dawn Shelton (90)