With Oklahoma City’s exploding job market, OC public relations graduates continue to find career opportunities throughout the metro, including the booming downtown area.

Kaylee McDaniel (10) works for the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber as a public relations coordinator. Before joining the Chamber in 2012, she worked at the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department as a communications assistant.

“Oklahoma City is the perfect place to start life after graduation,” McDaniel said. “Public relations is a competitive job landscape, but Oklahoma
City has a healthy economy and a low cost of living, which has helped me have opportunities I wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

Taylor Ketchum graduated from OC in 2011 and immediately started full-time as an account coordinator at Jones Public Relations.

“I’ve found that OC graduates are attractive
to companies in Oklahoma City,” Ketchum said.
“My firm had previously hired two students from OC – one as an intern and one full-time – so they were familiar with the university and valued the education I was gaining. That helped me secure an internship, which eventually led to a career.”

Leigh Ann (Sims 11) Williams also graduated OC with a degree in public relations and has found a job in downtown Oklahoma City at Devon Energy.

Now an ASG communications specialist for Devon, Williams began her PR career with two internships. With the help of her professors, she gained internships with Oklahoma City’s hockey team and Anglin Public Relations before joining the energy giant in 2011.

“My professors invested in me and my career,” Williams said. “OC prepared me for a career in public relations by challenging me educationally, professionally and spiritually.” 

Spring 2013

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