Big and Small Ways Hartmans Remember How OC Blessed Them

Ann White (04)

One comes from a family with a long history at Oklahoma Christian University, and the other was the first in her family to attend, but together Luke and Kate Hartman (01) make an alumni dream team. 

The Hartman extended family has been deeply involved in OC life for decades. Dale (74), Sheila (Dodgen 74), Kent (77), Nancy (Price 77), Luke, Heather (Hartman 03) Roberts, and Annaleise (Hartman 04) Mitchell have all contributed in their own ways to the heart and culture OC has now. 

The Millican family also has embraced Oklahoma Christian with its support and involvement. Her brother Eric married Summer (Millican 03) Mansur, another OC grad. 

Kate and Eric’s father Don Millican chairs OC’s Board of Trustees, and the Ethics Symposium is named in honor of her grandfather, J.J. Millican.

Now, Luke and Kate are forging their own legacy. 

From the time they were students here, OC has left an impression on their lives that filled them with gratitude and inspired them to give back.

“My time here is impossible to put a price on, from the friends I made at the first night of Neat Week to the adventures I had traveling the world with fellow students, and of course the experience that forever changed my life – meeting Luke,” Kate said.

Luke’s memories include “daily singing at Chapel and evening devos that would sometimes give me chills. I loved the class sizes, talking with professors in their office, and being in their homes. The school was big enough to have diverse offerings, but small enough to be personal.”

The Hartmans stayed involved after they graduated. Luke works in OC’s Office of Informational Technology. Kate’s involvement reflects her passions. Her business sponsors the Picture This! contest put on by the Office of International Studies. They also fund a scholarship program for students wanting to study abroad. 

“From my travels in college and from Luke’s early years living in Australia, we believe that students who are able to experience different cultures are able to have a broader worldview. And a broader worldview helps people be better engaged in the workplace and the church,” Kate said.

The Hartmans draw on their personal experiences in their commitment to Oklahoma Christian.

“We remember OC because, in my case, other people remembered OC,” Luke said. “If it wasn’t for scholarship funds that were here, I’m not sure that I would have been able to come. To be able to help future students is invaluable and I hope to give them the same experience that I had.”

Although the idea of making a financial gift to their alma mater can be daunting, especially to young alumni, Kate reminds that the first step is giving what you can.

“What we have now is a result of thousands of people who have remembered OC in large ways – with their names on buildings – and in very small ways that nobody ever hears about,” Kate said. “We wanted to give back to the university that we saw continually giving to its students and the community. We wanted the blessings that God has given us to be able to bless a university that’s doing so much for so many people.”

Spring 2011

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