Bayless on top of his game as orthopedic surgeon

By Lindsey Williams

Dr. Robert E. Bayless knew he wanted to be a doctor after talking to his dad at the age of 5. He came to Oklahoma Christian University to pursue this dream.

After graduating from OC in 1979, he went to medical school at the University of Missouri, where orthopedics drew his interest.

He did his residency at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and now practices orthopedic surgery in the Dallas area.

He is on the board of directors at the Baylor Surgical Hospital at Las Colinas and serves as president of Irving Orthopedic and Sports Medicine. He also travels to Saudi Arabia occasionally to teach and perform total joint reconstruction surgeries.

Not only was he a success in the classroom at OC, he was a success on the track as a decathlete, ultimately earning a place in the OC Athletic Hall of Fame.

Bayless said OC’s drive to push students to become what they want to be played a huge role in helping him get where he is today.

“It laid the foundation by having the knowledge base and learning how to study, and also the Christian foundation that goes a long way, and the ethics and honesty that goes with it,” Bayless said.

He also said OC prepared him for the challenges of medical school.

“I was in the top 15 in my class and elected to the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society, and only the top 15 get elected,” he said.

Dr. Bayless said integrity and a good work ethic will help people do well in whatever they want to do.

“I don’t care what your IQ is. You can do well in life by showing up on time, being honest, and working hard,” he said. “A good, solid Christian faith is also very helpful in all aspects in life. It is your foundation for how to live.”

Assistant track and field coach Jeff Bennett recalls Bayless being a hard worker in the classroom.

“He was an excellent student,” Bennett said. “His work ethic was great. The way he approached his studies, he was able to focus on a lot of different things, and he had a great personality. All of these things indicated that he would be successful outside of sports.”

Tim Williams has been a friend and business acquaintance for 22 years. He said it’s easy to see what sets Bayless apart from everybody else.

“As far as a customer goes, he is always willing to listen and give his opinion either good or bad, but in such a way as to not overly criticize or exaggerate,” Williams said. “As a friend, he is very caring … and you can tell that if you are a friend of his, you’re very important to him. Because of how focused he is, he is able to keep an eye on what he wants and what it’s going to take to get there.”