Alumnus Andrews forges His own path

By Garrett Andrews

From working in the Air Force to full-time ministry in Texas, Oklahoma Christian University alumnus Sean Andrews has followed a plethora of career paths.

However, no one, not even Sean himself, could have anticipated his most recent career field.

Sean began attending Oklahoma Christian University in 1987 with plans to complete a degree in electrical engineering.

“I majored in electrical engineering as a means to an end; I wanted to be a fighter pilot,” Sean said. “The only other real interest I had at the time, strange as it may seem, was Bible.”

His desire to be a fighter pilot led him to work for the Air Force. His love of the Bible led him to full-time ministry in places like San Antonio, Texas, and Phoenix, Arizona.

“Everything I do I try to do for God’s glory. Doing things to get glory often ricochets in damaging ways. I have found that rewards and blessings will ultimately find you if you truly deserve them.” Sean Andrews

After his stint in the Air Force and his time as a minister, the 1991 OC grad found an opportunity in the business world. Through a contact from the church where he preached, Sean was given an opportunity to work on a presentation for Medicis Pharmaceutical Corporation, a company that specializes in treatments for dermatological and aesthetic conditions.

Sean made an impression on executives at Medicis and was offered a position in their company. Over the years, Sean climbed the ladder at Medicis, distinguishing himself as a diligent employee and responsible leader.

In December 2012, Sean was let go after another company acquired Medicis.

“I received many calls and emails from people with whom I had interacted – from the Wall Street investment community, other companies, and even vendors – expressing their respect for the work I had done at Medicis and urging me to consider helping out other companies as a consultant,” Sean said.

This encouragement led Sean and a colleague from Medicis to form their own consultation firm in February 2013. Their firm, Credible Strategic Advisors, was formally launched that June.

This business venture has granted Sean the opportunity to gain ground in multiple areas at once. He has made great strides in preparing his business and marketing his firm to those who need his services, but he also has more time to spend with his family.

Sean is married to Leigh Andrews, his wife of 23 years. Together, they have two children: Garrett, a sophomore at Oklahoma Christian, and Lauren, a soon-to-be freshman at Oklahoma Christian.

“I think it’s been really cool to see him work for himself and stand on his own,” Lauren said. “It’s been great to have him around to spend more time with the family. I feel like I’ve been able to be closer to him, which is a really good thing.”

His family has witnessed first-hand the process Sean has gone through to build his own firm. Leigh says consulting fits Sean to a tee.

“Everything I do I try to do for God’s glory,” Sean said. “I try to treat others as I would have them treat me. I work hard to get the job done right the first time as though I’m working for God and not man. I own my mistakes. Doing things to get glory often ricochets in damaging ways. I have found that rewards and blessings will ultimately find you if you truly deserve them.”