Alum wears many hats in industry and ministry Successful career helps Dimick share faith

Jeff Dimick wears many different hats.

His day job is with Boeing. On most Saturdays, you can find him with Tevia, an elderly Russian man with whom he walks to the grocery store.

You can also find him out rock climbing with the men from his congregation or traveling to the Ukraine for his next foreign mission. But no matter which hat you find him wearing, there is a common thread: he is spreading hope.

A Kansas native, Jeff graduated from Oklahoma Christian in 1983 with a bachelor’s degree in math/computer science. After graduating from OC, he obtained his master’s degree in theoretical mathematics from Oklahoma State University. An internship with Hughes Aircraft Company, now Boeing, during his time at OSU started him on a 23 year career with the organization.

In January 2008, he transitioned into a new position after completing an 18-month project on GPS systems. This new project, which he would only describe as a ground systems project for the government, should take him about the same amount of time. Then he’ll be ready to move on to something else.

According to Jeff, as soon as he begins working with a new group or department on a project at Boeing, he looks for the person who can replace him and take over the leadership role when the job is complete.

“I have come into projects that people have been working on for eight or 10 years, and they simply have the right people doing the wrong jobs,” Jeff said.

He likes to turn over the reins on projects because he knows his colleagues have a more extensive knowledge of the individual projects and can lead effectively once everyone is in the right place.

Being in a management position also has caused Jeff to think about how he can share his faith in Christ with his coworkers. He does all he can to bring each of his employees a sense of worth and accomplishment - this is the way he brings hope into the workplace.

Another way Jeff spreads hope is through his work with the Hilltop Community Church of Christ in El Segundo, California. In 1994, he came to the congregation when there were only 12 members, but the feeling that God was calling him to this work led him to join the congregation and help it grow.

This congregation ministers to everyone, with a mission of accepting people where they are. Today, the congregation has 250 people worshiping on Sundays and has outgrown the old church building. It currently rents space from a local hotel and runs the church offices out of the old building.

The church building is also home to Hilltop Rescue and Relief, a non-profit organization the congregation set up in response to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. The congregation had a response team in place two days after the storm hit and continues to work in the community. Three years later, they have assisted with the cleanup of more than 2,000 homes. They also helped respond to the flooding in Iowa this summer.

Jeff uses his interest in rock climbing to aid the men’s ministry of the congregation. Each spring, the group takes a rock climbing trip to an area of Joshua Tree National Park to help build stronger relationship and bond.

Jeff also spreads hope by participating in overseas mission work. Since developing a passion for missions during his time at OC on a Let’s Start Talking trip to Germany, he has traveled to the Ukraine seven times.

His time in the Ukraine has led to long-lasting friendships there…and also here in the U.S. While taking classes to learn the Russian language, Jeff learned about an opportunity to escort a local blind Russian man to the markets.

Now, almost every Saturday, the pair can be found traveling from market to market doing Tevia’s shopping and conversing in Russian. These afternoons with Tevia have really helped Jeff learn the language on a one-on-one basis.

While Jeff’s travels to the Ukraine have allowed him the opportunity to spread the Word, he also has been offered the chance to teach math, which has opened more doors for evangelism. In another instance, he aided a Ukrainian student in his efforts to come to the U.S. to attend Pepperdine University. When hangups between securing a student loan and visa almost kept the student from coming, Jeff stepped in to help cut through the red tape by cosigning on the loan.

In 1999, Jeff and his good friend, Jeff James, ventured into the entertainment industry by establishing a video post-production company, One World Post. The company provides services for various TV shows, many of which are shown on PBS, MTV and VH1. Jeff Dimick recently sold his piece of the company.

Former OC alumni director Michael Mitchell sees how Jeff is having such an immense impact on so many people in all areas of his life.

“Jeff is one of the most deeply spiritual people I’ve had the opportunity to meet. He has a passion for mentoring other men and you can’t help but be touched by that passion when you are around him,” Michael said. “I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with Jeff this past year and every time we’re together, he asks me how I’m doing spiritually. Our conversations regularly turn to important topics like faith, purity, and our relationships with God. It’s obvious that Jeff is serious about his faith, spreading hope, and helping other people understand how the good news of the gospel can transform their lives.”

Jeff feels that God is bringing all these opportunities to him and he believes that, just as Christ brought hope to many, it is his duty to try to do the same for others. It has become his personal motto: “God manufactures the wave. We just ride it.”

By Allison Shumate (05)